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Naomi’s yoga journey began in 2010 after a snowboarding injury landed her with a fractured spine. Naomi used yoga as a method of physical therapy, it was not long until she began to feel a better connection with her mind, body, and soul. Since childhood Naomi dealt with low self-esteem and poor body image, it was not until she found yoga that she began a journey to self-love and acceptance. Through yoga Naomi has been able to heal herself from the inside out. Since then she has set her intention to help heal others by helping people find the courage to set their demons free and find unconditional self-love. Naomi completed her yoga teaching certification in October 2013. Naomi also received her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on Mental Health from Adler University. She specializes with individuals suffering from substance abuse, depression and anxiety. It was in her Masters program where Naomi began to create and develop yoga therapy programs for non-for-profit clinics on the Westside of Chicago. In addition, Naomi has traveled all over the world studying yoga in places like Nepal, India, Cambodia and Indonesia. Through this experience, Naomi has been able to integrated her Western studies with Eastern philosophy. Naomi’s treatment approach focuses on Cognitive Behavioral and Existential Theory, with an emphasis on helping her clients find meaning and contentment in their lives.


Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga is a holistic approach to healing by connecting the body, mind and spirit. Yoga therapy can help treat many common ailments including; depression, anxiety, trauma and substance abuse. Therapeutic yoga is for anyone of any age who is looking to make a change in their life, and requires no previous yoga experience. Yoga Therapy is not your average yoga class, classes are gentle and nurturing but also challenge the practitioner to enhance their body awareness as well as the internal dialogue of the mind. This is achieved by restorative and relaxing yoga poses, meditation and breath work. Practitioners will come away with a new outlook on how to manage and reduce symptoms, restore inner balance, and mindfulness.


This is not just your average yoga class, with the combination of somatic psychology, physical therapy and playful movement this yoga class will help you move into abundant possibility. Weather that be in your body or your mind this class is best for those who have injuries or anyone looking to increase their mobility and range of motion (flexibility). This type of yoga will be created custom to practitioners needs, ability, and skill level. Reiki Healing- Energy healing is a potent way to tap into your inner source. Energetic healing allows you to relax and take a step back, with the use of crystals and intention setting, we work in unison to create balance to the chakra system. By using the method of Reiki practitioners will leave feeling lighter, more relaxed and have a better sense of where their energetic imbalances are.