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Quit Hormonal Birth Control

This offering is designed to support you in getting off hormonal birth control naturally. You will learn exactly what steps to take leading up to and in the 6 months after coming off it. I will walk you through how to prepare your body for the transition, how to relieve any birth control side effects or underlying symptoms that may reappear, and the dietary, supplement, and lifestyle changes that will support your wellness.

Optimize Your Menstrual Cycle

This offering is designed to help you have a healthy period. You will learn how to support your body through all four phases of your menstrual cycle. I will show you how to chart your cycle from menstruation through ovulation, what a healthy period looks like, how to get it back, and how to relieve symptoms, and what, when, and how to eat and move to support your cycle.

One-on-One Consultation

This offering is designed to provide individualized support for your biggest hormonal health concern. You will have dedicated time with me to discuss your symptoms and ask questions. I will help you determine next steps that you can implement on your own or under the supervision of your physician.

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