sadie adams


Meet sadie

Sadie Adams is the founder of Take Care Face & Body in New York City, Take Care Center for Body Mind Regeneration and The Ground Space for Meditation and Movement in Los Angeles. Her studies in anatomy at the school for Body-Mind Centering™ and in ayurveda and yoga therapy at the Ayurvedic Institute have led her to focus on regenerative therapies. Sadie has been sharing her insights on movement and consciousness over the last 20 years, calling on science, technology, ancient wisdom and intuitive awareness to support healing and increase human capacities. Her community of clients and practitioners greatly influence her work. She feels that conscious relating, sensitivity and presence are essential in the process of transformation and development.


Ground Space Meditation

An experiential exploration of physical and natural philosophy. The ground, from which all manifest arises, is space that holds information. This council supports those interested in simultaneously increasing spaciousness and stability. Each one of us has a unique way of interpreting our connection with nature. It is possible to clarify pathways of influence and to consciously manage our choices in participation and perception.

TMJD Treatment

A facial focusing on balancing the energy and tissue in the body, by way of the face. Often the practitioner will work inside the mouth to help organize the temporomandibular joints as well as the facial and skull bones.

Microcurrent Stem Cell & TMJ Facial Treatment

This treatment regenerates tissue by clearing stagnation, increasing ATP and reintroducing optimal cellular functioning, including muscle and lymph.

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