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meet nichole

Hi, I am Nichole, and I am excited to work with you.

Through the disciplines of mindfulness & meditation, wellness coaching and counseling, and Somatic Experiencing, I help people awaken their intrinsic qualities of wisdom, presence and engagement with life. I am honored to support your exploration of healing and growth and to witness you through a personal journey of self discovery. Our journey and destination are one in the same: nourishing, healing and opening your heart.

In a nutshell, I am passionate about waking up and living with an open heart. To that end I have spent the last 20 years of my life studying meditation in Buddhist and secular settings all over the world. In my own life mindfulness, meditation and creative therapeutic practices have provided a profound refuge of self acceptance, patience and an ability to be present with even the deepest suffering. Whether I am working with someone one-on-one, or facilitating a group process, I see my clients and students find this same refuge every day in their own mindfulness, wellness, and creative practices. By getting to know their direct experience, just as it is, with kindness, acceptance and compassion, my clients begin to feel more spaciousness and freedom in their lives.

I am a graduate of the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, with a certification in mindfulness facilitation (CMF). I hold interdisciplinary degrees in psychology, education and the arts. I am currently in training as a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, and have also trained as a coach, counselor and dance teacher. My work is informed by 20 years of meditation practice and study of psychology, and a lifetime as an artist. I have worked as a teacher, a one-on-one mentor and facilitator of therapeutic, and artistic groups for almost 18 years. Many of my current clients include people from of all walks and ways of life; people who want to ask deeper questions, and who are open to their own deeper answers.

As the foundation of our work together, I value safety, trust, connection and creativity. My commitment to you is to be present and engaged, and to support you as you dig into the deeper questions of your life. Through the lens of mindful curiosity and creativity, we will explore the issues important in your life, the edges you want to push, boundaries you want to set, how to cultivate emotional resilience, inner awareness and personal insight, or just simply explore new and creative ways to to bring meaning and beauty into your life. I will ask you deeper questions and encourage you to be open to your own deeper answers. The most important question I will ask you is: "What is true for you?" We will turn this question inside and out and in this process you will get to know what it feels like to fully occupy the ground you stand on, with acceptance and compassion for who you really are. Through our work together you will grow into a person of presence, mindful awareness and wisdom.


Mindfulness & Meditation Instruction

In mindfulness and meditation sessions we will explore classical and secular mindfulness teachings and practices that cultivate insight, well being and a wise heart.

Coaching & Counseling

In coaching and mindful inquiry sessions we will explore the dynamic material of your life...we will turn those questions inside out, getting to know, what is really TRUE FOR YOU. Using mindfulness, loving kindness and self compassion as the foundation of our work, we begin by cultivating full and loving acceptance of who and where you are in your life. I will ask you deeper questions, and welcome your deeper answers.

Therapeutic Mindfulness & Somatic Experiencing

For women whose lives have been affected by trauma (physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, etc.), I offer therapeutic mindfulness and Somatic Experiencing (SE), which a body centered trauma healing modality created by Dr. Peter Levine, which is intended to resolve trauma on the deepest level in the nervous system. Utilizing these two approaches, we can address, toxic stress patterns, trauma, anxiety, depression and restore well being.

Daylong Retreats and Workshops

From nature retreats to classes and workshops, I offer various group programs for the women of Presence. I am also available to create any kind of program that is suited to the needs and creative desires of your group, whether you are seeking mindfulness instruction, a daylong event, a workshop or training .

One-on-One mindfulness/coaching/wellness daylong immersions

These immersions provide a more comprehensive container than our usual weekly sessions and are ideal for any woman who wants to go on a deeper dive, with more focus and intention, into any particular area of personal discovery and exploration. A one-on-one daylong immersion will look different for each woman, and may take place in a different location, including her home, a place in nature or any other secluded location conducive to deeper work.