nicole l. schmitz


Meet nicole 

Nicole L. Schmitz, CHHC, CMA, helps others to improve their energy, digestion, sleep, nutrition, weight, and health conditions with simplified, cleaner eating, and better self-care.

After years of struggling with diet confusion and health imbalances, Nicole was determined to fully understand how nutrition can transform our bodies from the inside out. As a Certified Health and Nutrition Counselor, Nicole now fuses together philosophies of Ayurveda, Bio-Individuality, Intuitive Eating, Integrative Nutrition, and holistic lifestyle tips helping others to create realistic balance in their bodies and minds. She offers private coaching, group programs, and workshops using a realistic and understandable approach.

Nicole is a mother, aspiring yogi, writer, and artist, loves living by the beach, and inspiring others to make clear and confident healthy lifestyle choices every day. Learn more by following her wellness blog and on Instagram.


Initial Wellness Strategy Session $111

3 Month Weight + Wellness Program $900

6 private virtual sessions that focus on understanding your body’s unique nutritional needs, create your weight loss strategy, learn stress conquering solutions + how to realistically navigate wellness in today’s world. This is perfect if you can't seem to figure out why you're still stuck in a rut, your hormones feel off, you crave sugar + caffeine, and have a few minor chronic health concerns.