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Nicole is based in Los Angeles and is certified in Soul Centered Living—a course in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica—a Reiki Master practitioner, Course Level II Biomagnetism & Bioenergetics Therapy certified, and an Akashic Records practitioner. These courses have enabled her to build a holistic tool box, that consists of a variety of modalities to draw upon, when facilitating each client in this journey of healing. 

Why we love Nicole

"I optimistic skeptic that I am, I was a bit unsure about muscle testing—but TOTALLY down to try it. I was blown away by what Nicole revealed about my body and health through something as seemingly simple as muscle testing. She's really gifted at reading the body, and honestly one of the kindest people you'll ever meet! My chronic fatigue is gone, thanks to her findings during our session and recommendations."

- Michelle



Akashic Records Reading with Nicole

A reading is one soul connecting with another in an intimate and profound transmission of the sacred energy of the Records. This is often a remarkable experience for both people involved. In these sessions, the heart of your current issue will be revealed. This revelation with bring to light the best ways to heal the causes of your difficulties. Through the heart of the Akashic Records, we find the points of light and power in you and your life at this time.

 Holistic Healing Session with Nicole

This session can be focused on one or a combination of all therapies. The session may include the use of muscle testing, emotional release therapy, hands-on reiki healing & biomagnetism energy healing.

Reiki Healing Session with Nicole

This session will begin with an intention setting discussion around your energetic needs for the treatment therapy. The rest of the treatment will consist of: 7 Crystal chakra healing, Angel card reading, Essential oils, Singing bowl attunement, Cutting of energetic cords & ties that are no longer serving you, Full body scan