Nimisha Gandhi

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Meet Nimisha 

Nimisha is a functional medicine nutritionist, certified Ayurvedic counselor, and certified Yoga Nidra teacher. She holds a B.S. in Psychobiology from UCLA and has years of additional education in clinical research, human biology, gut microbiome, female, and environmental health. 

Nimisha serves as a board member of several health and wellness companies and organizations. Ancient healing practices and modern medicine have shaped Nimisha's understanding of mind-body-spirit wellness since childhood. She believes that ritual and pleasure are at the core of healing. In her private practice, Moon Cycle Nutrition, Nimisha works with teenage girls, fertility, prenatal, and postpartum woman as well as autoimmune conditions and rebalancing the gut microbiome. Her work is research-based, intuitive, and from the soul.

You can learn more by visiting www.mooncyclenutrition.comand following her on Instagram @mooncyclenutrition.



Functional Medicine Nutrition + Ayurvedic Counseling

 Nimisha works with teenage girls, fertility, prenatal, postpartum woman, autoimmune, and gut health conditions. She starts out by listening deeply to your health history and concerns.

She then conducts an in-depth evaluation of your health history, eating habits, lifestyle, and lab tests to create a diet and wellness plan targeting the root cause of your imbalance. The detailed plans are designed based on your unique health and needs. The protocols are created in a manner that is easy and sustainable for you to integrate into your life.

Yoga Nidra + Deep Relaxation Meditation

Nimisha offers one-on-one and group Yoga Nidra sessions. Private sessions are customized to meet your health needs. All sessions are done in person in your home or a location of your choice. The sessions are typically 75-90 minutes in length. Yoga Nidra services are limited to clients in the San Francisco Bay Area.