olivia dillingham


Meet olivia 

Olivia Dillingham is a business coach and brand strategist for women in the wellness space. Both on her own and with her full branding team at The First House, she uses her coaching, deep listening skills, and artistic eye to help holistic brands and individuals discover their voice - online & in their own lives - so that they can build their audience and income quickly while feeling in alignment with the BIG message they want to bring to the world.


Free 30-minute Intro Clarity Session

We will do a quick meditation and deep-dive into your present space, your dreams, and what might be holding you back from going for them at full force. Get ready to be challenged on this call and to have some breakthroughs - we will get you in motion for your first brave step toward your dream life and/or career.

1-hour Coaching Session

We will sit together, virtually or in person, and hold space for your highest expression of self. No matter what you are going through, where you are feeling stuck, or whether you just need a little push in the right direction (like that moment when you first learned to ride a bike:)), we will talk through where you are, where you're going, and maybe even your ideal client or the other players in the scenario; and we will tie it all together into a manageable 1-month action plan. Get ready to get unstuck and get those wheels turning.

Half-day Alignment & Goal-Setting Retreat (in-person or virtual)

A three-hour deep dive into your vision, your deeper blocks, your brand, and a three-month plan to put all you are working toward into motion. We will spend some time meditating, creating healthy routine to sustain you through the challenges of entrepreneurship, talk about mindset work and breathwork to power you through the day, and get some foundational branding done for your business. You will walk away with three months of goals to meet, tools to power through them, and the groundwork laid for a month's worth of on-brand Instagram content. Power session!

Accelerated 6-week Alignment and Branding Program

This is for the entrepreneurs who are ready to go and need a good boost & some authentic branding. In 6 weeks, we will get crystal clear on your voice & vision, create essential branding elements with my in-house graphic designer, create sustainable social media content, and talk you through the best strategy for putting your work into the world. I will be there along the way to keep you in line with your goals and coach you through any blocks.

6-month Full-Service Branding and Coaching

This is for the entrepreneurs who want a team behind them as they launch. Together, we will walk through the process of getting a beautiful business off the ground - one you can feel totally proud of and aligned with. We will hold your hand through this entire process and hold you accountable to your goals - accountability being of UTMOST importance through this journey. We will slowly rewire mindset and lifestyle so that you are set up for success, and will get all of your branding and systems in place so that you can be sure to have aligned clients knocking at your door by the end of our 6 months together.