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Paige believes it is of the utmost importance to learn to meet the needs of our individual inner selves, in order to change the narrative of the collective whole.  Her larger mission is shift the societal paradigm from consuming mindlessly to collecting mindfully.  

Object & Us is ultimately about coming home to ourselves.  Free of stories and past experiences, โ€˜who we areโ€™ is our naked self.  While home is inherently within us, we are human - we occupy space.  It is only only okay to acquire objects, but it is also essential to living purposefully - so long as we aren't trying to gain, to get ahead, or to full a void through our possessions.  Once we strip away physical and metaphysical clutter, we can learn to feed our inner home, which in turn helps us to occupy our outer homes (physical body, physical space) with intention.


Object & Us Sessions

I look at your relationship to objects and space to see where you may be projecting and/or seeking identity through your external world.  We then work together to strip these constructs in order to find a stronger sense of self from within and lay bare your basic needs and desires.  We learn to meet these needs on our own, so that our objects no longer serve as symbols of identity, but instead as tools for connection.  Our objects become the vessels that support our mission to live with more mindfulness and intention.

Our objects can either take us further away from ourselves or they can bring us closer to who we truly are.  They either create separation or connection.  Learn to strengthen your connection to your objects, and in turn, to yourself. 

The sessions include homework that will help you to carry these concepts out into your everyday life through personalized exercises and rituals.