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Pilar Lesko is a clever Witch who wields the magic of gentle yet piercing intuitive abilities allowing her to peer into the deepest parts of your being while holding space for your most true and wild nature to emerge. She is a writer, coach and, guide through the systems of Astrology, Human Design, and the inner world. In her coaching work and readings, she creates a powerful container by combining her vast knowledge of Astrology and Human Design with a large scoop of illuminative insight into the human experience and a dash of penetrating claircognizance. She is excited by the pieces of ourselves that we've been programmed to hide — unexpressed desires, shame, fears, intimacy with the self and others, and — the shadow. Her desire for herself and her clients is not ascension but rather, embodiment and reclamation of our wild humanness.


Human Design Chart Reading

A Human Design chart reading is a look into your unique Body Graph. Depending on your level of knowledge, we will cover the foundational aspects of the chart in-depth — energy type, authority, profile lines, variables & centers. We will also look into important gates & channels. This reading can be tailored specifically to you & your knowledge level of the system. If you feel comfortable with the foundations, we can spend more time exploring nuances. If you’re new to the system, I will give you the “starter kit” to walk away & start integrating your design.

Natal Chart Reading

The Natal Chart is a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born. It is your soul's cosmic blueprint & has the potential to assist you in unlocking the codes of both your psyche & soul. Codes such as — where you come from (karmically), why you came into this life, what wounds you came to heal & your soul's destiny. This reading will be tailored specifically to your level of Astrological knowledge & your current experience.

Chart & Soul Guidance Session

A powerful & intimate guidance session utilizing your Human Design + Natal charts & much more. These sessions are tailored to meet you where you're at & give empowering ways to work with whatever aspect of the human experience you're needing guidance around. This session creates space for the messages from the charts & your soul. In addition to looking at & reading the charts, there is permission for me to bring in more guidance — utilizing my knowledge of different healing modalities & concepts, life experiences, important questions & most importantly — intuition.