rhiannon morsch


Meet rhiannon  

Rhiannon is an intuitive channel and medium. She is formally trained in Depth Hypnosis, Shamanic Healing, and Energy Medicine. Her healing gifts allow her to journey into her client’s inner worlds to help them see what is hidden from their conscious minds. She then has the unique capacity to channel and transform energy through her physical being in order to assist her clients in expansion beyond any and all limitations.


Intuitive Soul Work

Feeling like there are blockages in your life that are keeping you from fully aligning with your highest purpose and expansion? In Rhiannon's Intuitive Soul Work Sessions she works closely with your spirit guides, and Higher Self, to channel healing that often goes beyond your current lifetime to heal on the level of your soul's journey. All you need to bring is your intention for what shifts you would like to see in your life and Rhiannon will journey with you into your inner psyche to assist you in seeing what is beyond the limitations of your conscious mind. On this level we can see what limiting beliefs, blockages, and unhealed traumas may be currently holding you back in your life and relationships. No two sessions are alike, but sessions may include: healing of repressed childhood memories, inner child work, past-life regression, healing of womb experiences, healing of ancestor patterns, re-patterning & reprogramming limiting beliefs, soul retrieval for this life-time or a past-lifetime, and more.

Intuitive Soul Work

In these sessions we go deep into work that your soul has been waiting many lifetimes to do. Work that your ancestors have been waiting hundreds of years for someone in the lineage to step forward to do. We go deep into transforming deeply entrenched patterning, and life-long bad habits. It takes time to unravel this patterning, so in this longer session we create the space to do multiple healing processes, and heal and transform, on multiple levels.

Depth Hypnosis Therapy

Looking for more on-going support? Depth Hypnosis is a highly transformative therapeutic model that works in conjunction with the client's spirit guides. The client learns to connect to their inner world, their own personal team of spirit guides, and to receive guidance and healing directly from the guides. The work also strengthens intuitive capacity while also supporting spiritual growth and transformation. The client is guided to find the root of all blockages and issues in their life, with each session building upon the transformative results of the previous session.