salina ballensweig



Salina is a clinical social worker with over 30 years of practice experience, and is licensed and certified in the State of New York.

She's passionate about working with people of all ages, backgrounds, and challenges or illnesses.

Salina's therapeutic approach encourages mutual work between the client and therapist. With clients, Salina will address situational difficulties, life choices and major decisions by exploring obstacles, and options, and establishing goals.

With gratitude and humility, Salina relishes the opportunity to empower, educate and support individuals who are committed to enhancing the quality of their lives, and ready to step into the best versions of themselves.


Psychotherapy sessions

Both 50- or 30-minute psychotherapy sessions are a cognitive-behavioral approach. My therapeutic style is straightforward and interactive. I am sensitive to the timing and appropriateness when offering interpretations of what is shared. Together we explore the obstacles, issues, and areas which interfere in the ability to function and thrive at your best. Goals are established and re-evaluated as we journey to a place where you feel content with how you are living your life and feel satisfied with your progress.

Support and Guidance Calls

These calls are available for when you're feeling overwhelmed in the moment, and need an objective ear, or a little TLC to re-group, re-balance and get back on track. For $275, have up to 4, 15 minute calls, to use through-out the month. 

Email Guidance and Support

Want some input and perspective, but don't need a full session? Write to me. Ask me anything, and I'll support you as needed, for up to 4 emails a month.

Individual well-being impacts the well-being of those we share our lives with, and the community at large. I am ready to get started when YOU are. Lets take the first step together.
— Salina Ballensweig

why we love salina

Salina is to the point, yet loving and cares deeply. Her no B.S. approach is both warm, and direct. This is refreshing, and motivating. Salina is intuitive, patient, and truly wants each client to feel how incredible they are, and live their best lives.  - Alexandra