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Breathwork + Reiki Session

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that facilitates powerful emotional+energetic release. It can change emotional default settings, lifetime patterns of depression, anxiety and addiction, connect you to your intuition, and open your heart to increased gratitude and self-love. It is a way to emotionally + physically detoxify the body.

In this transformative session, I will guide you through active, circular breath followed by meditative rest, integration & spiritual counseling.


meet sam

Sam uses her expertise in Breathwork + Reiki to bring you to a state of Body Peace on all levels mind, body & spirit. She specifically works with women to naturally overcome stress, anxiety, depression and to heal your body from the inside out. She will show you how to strengthen your nervous system, becoming more resilient while connecting to your intuition in a beautiful way. Discover the power of your breath to transform today.   

Breathwork + Reiki is like nothing you have experienced before and is perfect for beginners or experienced breathers alike. It is an active meditation using a specific breathing pattern to connect to your body and vitality, open up space for stagnant, old energy and emotions to flow freely, and expand your heart. We all carry around pain, fear, trauma, and outdated beliefs about ourselves and the world around us, which all live tucked away in our cells. Breathwork is a simple tool that supports us in finally shedding those heavy weights. It is a self-healing practice that facilitates gentle releases of trapped emotions and renews us both mentally and physically.

Breathwork in a safe, loving setting is an extremely potent experience. I will guide you through the journey with love, intention, and powerful music. Various tools such as aromatherapy, sage, and palo santo will be used throughout the session to aid in the experience. We will close with rest and relaxation to allow for you to process everything you experienced during your journey. This is a true transformation on all levels physical, emotional and spiritual. If your ready to take a deeper dive into your emotional/energetic health then I would be honored to guide you through this journey. xx, Sam