sarah crooks


MEET sarah

Sarah Crooks is a San Diego based Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) and certified holistic nutrition counselor. She specializes in helping women who are transitioning off of hormonal birth control and would like to detox their bodies from its side effects. She works one-on-one to educate and address the root causes of her clients’ symptoms such as hormonal imbalance, acne, weight gain, digestive issues, anxiety, and hair loss.

Through a detailed analysis of your unique health history, relevant questioning, and at-home lab testing Sarah creates a custom healing protocol and guides you through every step.  By addressing the root causes of your symptoms and working holistically, you will focus on the underlying issues to regain your health and learn strategies you can utilize going forward.


Health and Birth Control Recovery Programs

Packages that aid women in their transition from hormonal birth control, detoxing their bodies from the effect. Packages include varying analysis, coaching sessions, check-ins, and re-assessment.