Sauce Osofsky


Meet Sauce 

My real name is Stef, but no one calls me that.

I help entrepreneurs/creators/leaders/real humans, figure out who they are, tap into their gifts, and tell their stories so they can live fully expressed lives.

Being human is weird, amiright? It’s awesome and adventurous and scary and emotional and traumatic and rad and confusing and we’re all just figuring it out, whatever the hell ‘figuring it out’ means.

We’ve all got our shit. I mean stuff.
Can I say ‘shit’ on here?
Anyway, what we’ve all got, are stories.

Moments built up over the course of life up until now that contribute to how we perceive the world and form the lens through which we create our reality.

Expanding into our highest and most fully expressed selves looks like tuning in, unpacking our stories, knowing ourselves intimately, healing and reprogramming our trauma, and creating from freedom over fear.

Call me Sauce, everyone else does.

And I’m here to be your guide.


The Unpack Sesh

This session includes 75 minute call, Homework, and 72 hours of email access to address anything that comes up after the call

Purchase a 4-session package at 10% off of a standard session price