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MEET shonnA

Tapping into numerous modalities, my work is rooted in a lineage of Medicine Women and Midwives. Master teachers and personal interactions with the Divine have opened and allowed me to connect to my own divine signature of creative healing abilities. I have dedicated my life to helping humanity realize and work with the power of their pure, sacred potential. Using my innate gifts, I facilitate and integrate our true potential in all aspects of our lives. My work focuses on enriching the inherent love and power in all of us, illuminating that love is the undercurrent of existence.

My awareness of a higher consciousness started at a young age. Growing up in Maine on a small family farm, I could feel and communicate with the subtle energies of my surroundings. My connection with the animals and the environment guided me towards my inherent Shamanic connection and to the oneness that pulses through everything. It was this deep intuition that honed my empathic connection to people's energy fields. This realization was my first awakening to my psychic and empathic sensitivity. Guided by these abilities and faith in the inherent goodness of nature's creatures I focus my skills on opening people to their true potential as beings of light. I was born for the betterment and evolution of humanity, and am here to serve!

Through my consistent dedication to my own evolution and personal healing, I have realized the power and importance of women remembering their truth and the power that exists within their womb-space; the source of all creation. Through this source and deep commitment we can re-birth a new world together.

Why we love SHONNA

"Approachable, open, thoughtful, and loving, Shonna has the unique ability to make you feel instantly at home. I was, admittedly, a little nervous for my appointment with her, because hi, I'd never participated in a Womb Healing Ceremony before. The session was totally non-invasive and completely energetic—and really lovely. Our womb space stores so much emotion, trauma, and information, and we rarely get the opportunity to access it. Grateful to Shonna for sharing her incredible gift!"

- Michelle 



Energy Reboot and Alignment Phone Call

Tune in with Shonna for a quick re-alignment of your energy field bringing about peace, clarity and a sense of grounded east in the midst of a busy day or challenging situation. It's quick, easy yet potent and insightful!

Phone Consultation

Let's connect and understand what phase you are in on your journey and see if we’re a good fit!

Private Creative Empowerment Ceremony

Working with the lineage of medicine woman and midwives from her past, Shonna honors the sacredness within each woman. She facilitates a private ceremony on the beach near her sacred space. This is a very special experience that will awaken you to your inner power and divine awareness.

Private in Person Creative Healing Session

Be welcomed into Shonna's sacred space and experience hands-on healing including numerous modalities attuned to fit your particular needs. These modalities are woven together with Shonna's connection to the divine, to provide you with an experience that has changed lives.

Private Creative Phone Session

Distance does not exist when working in multi-dimensional realms. Shonna will create a sacred connection that will make you feel like you are here with her. Shonna will weave and call upon numerous modalities into the session to open you to the healing and expansion that you are seeking on your journey.