sophia zogopoulos


Meet sophia

Sophia Zogopoulos is a singer-songwriter who stumbled into a Breathwork class only to fall so in love with the practice that she became a Breathwork teacher. The release of stagnant energy in her body that occurred after just one session of this active meditation caused her to explore how she could continue to help herself and her loved ones. She aims to share Breathwork with anyone who feels called to it so that they can add this life-altering practice to their own healing toolbox that can be accessed whenever.

Her one on and one and group classes create a safe space for participants to focus on releasing suppressed energy and deepening the connection with oneself. Her training in this Pranayama technique is through David Elliott’s Healer Training Program. 


Breathwork Meditation Session

In this one on one session, we will begin by establishing an intention. I find it critical to come into breathing knowing the shifts you are seeking in your life, as well as what needs healing. I highly encourage you to really consider the two questions: What brought you to breathwork? What are you looking to release? Once we have discussed your intention and the reasons that brought you here, we will engage in the Pranayama two-part active breathing, followed by a shorter period of resting breath. I allow time after the breathwork portion so that you are able to ground yourself and make sure you feel centered enough to get back into the world!

We will have time to address any immediate questions you may have. After the session, please give yourself time to process what emotions, physical sensations, thoughts and/or imagery came to you while you were breathing. I want you to leave feeling as though you have added a tool for your personal healing that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.