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It’s rare that work so uniquely soft and subtle leaves a profound resonance on her clients. Her coursework of over 33 years includes workshops, spiritual events, sweat lodge ceremonies and an extensive spiritual reading list. Her guidance through elders, wisdom teachers and mentors helped to shape her into the spiritual guide she is today. Her desire to understand and connect with the deeper truths of life led to a profound spiritual awakening and activation of her natural gifts. As a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui and Karuna traditions she has an expert level intuitive sense of energy guidance. Staci is a teachers teacher but assists anyone looking to explore the spiritual path. Staci currently divides her time between LA and London.


Energy Healing Session

This session is a remote healing that is conducted online. The session either pinpoints or confirms any issues or limiting beliefs that you may be struggling with at the current time and then gives you the healing and tools needed to begin the process of moving beyond those limitations. This session is a co-creative effort that helps to bring the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies into balance while setting the framework for a new vibration and possibility to create, and live your life from.

The process: We begin with an oracle card reading to determine the exact work and healing that needs to be addressed. It is a way of pinpointing the issue you may be struggling with and revealing the possible blindside that is restricting your progress in life. It creates the context for the healing. Next, I connect and focus and transmit energy towards the defined area as a way of beginning the healing process. Finally, we look at structures to support you moving forward. This is the practical part of the session and provides the ongoing tools you will need so you are able to move beyond the clearly defined limitations.