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Steph Jensen is the creator of The Manifesting Diet, which teaches you how to feed and support yourself so that you can be operating at your highest level in order to attract in the things you desire and have your diet in alignment with the way you're living the rest of your life.

After years of struggling with foods that carry a negative, addictive energy, Steph discovered a method for breaking free by replacing foods like sugar with ones that nourish, support your blood sugar, prevent wild cravings, and give you what your body needs to operate at it’s highest capacity.

Always a powerful manifestor, once Steph found what was blocking her in her diet, her ability to manifest things into her reality multiplied. She now combines her eating principles with ancient manifesting practices to produce wild results for her clients in their health, body, and lives.

Steph is a Certified as a Functional Nutrition Coach, Culinary Nutrition Expert, and Integrative Health and Wellness Coach.


Manifesting with Food Introductory Call 

This 30-minute introductory call is for you if: You feel that your diet has you out of alignment with your purpose. You would often feel that you’re stuck in a low vibration. You’d like to become a more powerful manifestor. You have a battle with addictive foods such as sugar, carbs, coffee, or alcohol. You have an inner knowing that the way you eat needs to change. You struggle with mindless eating, anxiety around food, or feel stressed out while you eat. On this call we'll assess where and why your diet is out of alignment and we’ll come up with a plan to feel more aligned with your eating, raise your vibration, and become a powerful manifestor.