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Stephanie is an Ecosattva. Through her graduate studies in Spiritual Psychology and Urban Sustainability, she has harnessed the connection between consciousness and climate change. She understands how magnificent humans are and can be, but that there is an imminent threat upon us, climate change, that is causing a neuroendocrine destabilization of our response to this overwhelming experience. She uses stillness, heartfelt Listening and Breathwork to open up the pathways that can lead us through our inner most selves toward healing and unbearable compassion for ourselves and our beloved Mother Earth. 

Stephanie is a graduate from the University of Santa Monica, with an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology and a graduate from Antioch University, with an M.A. in Urban Sustainability. She has spent the last 11 years practicing soul-centered communication with clients and students. It takes a certain act of letting go to be fully present with a person. Stephanie remains neutral, loving and authentically interested in what is being shared with her. The listening methods she practices allows one to be able to access intuitive wisdom bringing forth answers to their own deep questions. 

She believes everyone should have the opportunity to discover this beautiful healing medicine so that we all can live in a world of higher consciousness together. 


Breathwork Meditation Session

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