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Meet suki 

I’m all about living a full life, and making choices – not following rules; seeking optimal results, feeling great and being flexible around what we can do, eat and be. Gone are the days of restriction, limits and ‘diets’ – we do what works to heal dis-ease – we keep tweaking until we get the results we seek. Simple huh.

“Suki Zoe is unlike any other colonic and health practitioner with whom I have come into contact. I have worked with her for few years, as a therapist and healer. Incredibly gifted and most attentive, she has an uncanny ability to get to the root of the issue. She is also a wealth of knowledge. She works on a deep subconscious or soul level. I had a many consultations and the results were deeply profound and extremely effective for me and for all of my clients that I have happily and trustily referred to her. I am so grateful for her work and the enduring effect it has had on my life.” Jean Marc

Practicing colon hydrotherapy since 1997 – after studying with Gil Jacobs in New York City, I went on to graduate from the National College of Holistic Medicine, UK under the tutelage of Milo Siewert. Fully trained in anatomy, physiology and massage, other studies include Nutrition at The School of Natural Health Sciences, Chavutti Thirumal Massage with Helen Noakes at Purple Valley, India; and Nutrition at CNN London with Barbara Wren.

I graduated with a BA in Silversmithing and Metalwork from Camberwell School of Arts – before colonics turned my life around.

I’m often asked, ‘How did you get into colonics & isn’t this a gross job?’ No it’s not gross & I still love colonics. It may surprise you, but colonics wasn’t something I’d grown up wanting to do

I had just left art college & was living in New York, when a friend sent me to Gil for my 1st life-changing colonic & the rest is history.

I’ve done several different kinds of cleanses/fasts & I’m constantly refining & retuning my diet & lifestyle. My health path started with problems resulting from years of penicillin and a tonsillectomy aged 7; ongoing side-effects from being a DES Daughter (largely unacknowledged or unheard of in the UK) then travel vaccinations and debilitating illnesses in my 20s, which culminated in 7 food-related anaphylactic attacks within a 2 year period. That was pretty scary, so I realised (whilst consuming up to 14 cups of coffee a day) that it was about time I cleaned up my act. Like many therapists, it took a crisis to start me in an new direction.


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