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Tanya Alexis is a gifted healer who meets you where you are in order to reacquaint you with your deepest self. A Certified Reiki Master, Yoga teacher, Healing Photographer, and Certified Crystal Healer, she is a highly intuitive and gifted guide for your greatest good.

In her deep healing sessions, she sources from a mixture of her accredited background as well as Aura and Chakra healing techniques, creating the most harmonious balance for each session. 


Reiki Energy Healing Session  

My intention for each session is to aid you in the release of anything that no longer serves you, to help you fill back up with your own essence, your own energy, so that you can live your life from your most complete self.

Healing Photography Session  

The journey begins at a location where you are your most authentic self: in your home, at the ocean, in the woods... anywhere you feel joy! We will find a quiet spot and you will spend 15 to 20 minutes receiving Reiki (a healing energy) channeled through me.

After your healing session, we will spend the next 40 minutes photographing you at your most peaceful, at your most joyful - meditating, dancing, twirling, moving your body in any freeing manner that makes sense to you in that moment. During this time, I will shoot 36 frames of film.

Following the session, you and I will sit together while I rewind the film, holding an intention of authenticity and love. When the time is right, I will open the bottom of the camera to let the light in, to let your light in.

One to two weeks following our session, you will receive the digital files of 3 to 7 beautiful color photographs*. They will be yours to keep as a reminder of who you are, your vibrant spirit.

Remote Object Healing Session  

Objects healings make your beloved items sparkle again by removing energy that does not belong to them - crystals, furniture, jewelry, family heirlooms, vintage clothing, etc.

Mini Reiki Session (aka a giant hug from the universe) 

10 minutes of Reiki sent remotely, where the intention is to send the receiver unconditional love and support.