tara curran



Nutrition and Skin Consultations

Sessions include:

Health analysis, a deep look at your overall well being, concerns, goals, and skin health

Customized meal plan, shopping list, and recipes, based on the food combining principles to optimize digestion

Skincare protocol for am + pm, a guide to ingredients and products to use

Self care techniques

Supplement list

Support and accountability from Tara in between sessions

MEET tara

A holistic nutritionist and skin expert, Tara is registered with the drugless practitioners of America. Tara has worked with clients one on one, hosted workshops between NYC and LA. It is her mission to guide others on how to become their own intuitive coaches, through nutrition and skin education.

Why we love her

"One of the most-loved workshops we've ever thrown (in the history of oh holisticism!) was our Akashic Records workshop with Helen. Every single person in the room was blown away by Helen's incredible ability to read and teach the nuances of the Akashic Records. One-on-one, Helen's Akashic Records readings bring greater clarity and context to every situation in your life. She delivers the cosmic messages she receives with empathy, honesty, and kindness. I've been lucky enough to work with Helen privately and in classes, and I am so grateful for all the wisdom she's shared with me."

- Michelle