taryn dean


meet taryn

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I felt destined to follow a creative path. After a few years studying creative writing in college, I realized that I really enjoyed making things with my own hands.

I studied fashion design and embarked upon a career in fashion that spanned 10 years. By chance, during a hiatus between jobs, I fell into a career in beauty 6 years ago. For the first two years I mainly focused on mastering the craft of artfully applying natural looking eyelash extensions. Yet, still I felt a draw to do more.

At the same time I was also treading a new spiritual craft, embracing my inner witch, and getting more comfortable learning the practices of my ancestors. Through working toward my own growth, I determined that many of my clients were also seeking enlightenment, seeking someone to help them hold open a space for healing. And so, with the help of one of my life coaches, I developed the Transcendental Beauty service.

The ritual is meant to provide space for some light talk therapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy, crystal healing, reiki, & tarot all wrapped around a beauty service. I hope that every person who experiences the service leaves transformed and empowered.

You can find me performing services and holding sacred spaces in LA at GBY Beauty or book a private, mobile service.


Classic Eyelash Extension

This session is a one for one, fully customizable experience, where your eyelashes can be extended and volumized with silk or mink lashes. Service can be mobile or in a salon.

Reiki + Eyelash Extensions

This session is a full transformational beauty experience where you will receive crystal therapy, sound and aroma therapy, energy cleansing, and reiki all wrapped around a classic eyelash extensions service.