tate perrine


meet tate

It’s Tate’s passion in life to create beauty, and to live with radical compassion in her heart. She tries her best to do so through great attention to detail, patience and mindfulness. Over the past four years Tate has intensely studied the teachings of Theravada Buddhism through which she has learned to strongly value a deep connection to the earth. In witnessing the planet’s ever changing ways, Tate continues to see clearly how she is nothing short of nature, and how she ever aspires to remember just that.

Tate takes patience in knowing that all aspects of nature take time to arise and pass away, and is learning to do her best to live in accordance with such truth. As Tate learns to gently lean into life, You’ll find her most often working, dancing and playing outside. Over the past many years Tate has taken a passionate interest in Chinese Face Reading and the 9 Star Ki. Both systems of thought have helped her to develop great compassion for all beings, and to truly learn to embody the gifts and talents that she has inherited in this life time.

Tate was born in Manhattan Beach, CA and currently resides on the island of Oahu, HI. It is her gift to be of service in life, and to be able to share all that she has learned is her greatest pleasure. Tate looks forward to connecting with you.


Traditional Chinese Face Reading

Tate is fascinated by the life coaching work known as Chinese Face Reading. She finds joy in the art form and is so delighted to be able to gracefully help clients reflect upon their innate beauty. Chinese Face Reading is a practice based in Chinese Medicine that dates back thousands of years. With a foundation in understanding how the five elements in Chinese Medicine (water, wood, fire, earth, and metal) behave in nature, this practice was born. Each element’s behavior can be translated through the face, as the size and shape of each feature signifies the ways in which each element will express itself through an individual’s personality.