This is more than a community. We're creating this space together. 

We are better, stronger, smarter, and infinitely more creative when we collaborate and share our brains + gifts. 

We are writing this book together, and you're an important piece of the puzzle. You're the founder, the CEO, the writer, the accountant. Your feedback, ideas, and suggestions will always be heard. 

oh holisticism is as much yours as it is mine. It is ours. 

I invite you to create the thing you've been dreaming of. 


Potential should be available to everyone. Exploring health, wellness, holistic healing, and the mystic (yah know, what oh holisticism is all about) can rapidly expand your perspective. Acquiring knowledge increases your potential ability to live the best version of a life that you choose. 

Socioeconomics, race, religion, age, sex, gender, and political affiliation should not inhibit that potential. Wellness is for everyone. Healing is for everyone. Potential is for everyone. A healthy, beautiful, bountiful life is for everyone—not just rich white ladies in metropolitan cities. (Love you long time, tho, RWLs <3)

To embody the pillar of accessibility, all of oh holisticism's services and events are offered at various rates to fit every budget and lifestyle. Pay what you can.*

*From Michelle: I was really effing poor for a few years, and I'm eternally grateful to the teachers and facilitators who pulled me aside when they knew I couldn't afford a workshop or course or service and helped me by offering it to me at a price I could afford. That generosity changed my life. Thank you. 

radical generosity

There is enough for everyone. There is enough for everyone. There is enough for everyone. There is enough for everyone. There is enough for everyone. There is enough for everyone. There is enough for everyone. There is enough for everyone. 

Radical generosity: giving your time, attention, and energy beyond what is being asked of you. What would it be like if instead of operating from a place of, "What's the bare minimum I can do?" we asked, "How can I be the most giving? How can I surprise and delight someone? How can I add value to their life?" 

We go above and beyond without expecting reciprocity. And we don't keep score, because I suck at math. 







You are your own. You can take whatever ideas, dreams, rituals, philosophies, modalities, and teachings you want into consideration and adopt them if you want—or not. You are your own. You choose your life. You have all the answers you need within you. You have agency, always. Anything we talk about on oh holisticism is just a tool for you to add to your toolbox, if you choose.

Developing personal sovereignty helps us define our own 'North Star'... but it's also what keeps us from accidentally joining a weird, creepy cult. Basically, we're encouraging you to use your brain, because I think we can agree that cults are just the worst.  




Truth and honesty are integral to creating relationships. We vow to be transparent about what we know, and to own it when we don't. FYI, there's a lot of shit we don't know. Have a question? Email michelle@ohholisticism.com and we'll do our best to provide an answer. 

evidence-based magical thinking

We love data. We'll always search for studies, evidence, and quantifiable proof. But we know that sometimes science is wayyyyyyy behind the 'spiritual' realm—and if it feels like it works, and isn't hurting anyone, we're down. And asking, 'How can I make this more magical?' never made something suck more, you know? 


Or joy. It's more fun to have fun. That's it. 

Sometimes business-y stuff can get heavy. Spiritual shiz can be too self-serious. When we care deeply about something, we get in a groove of sober earnestness. Totally cool sometimes, but sometimes you gotta just drop an f-bomb, laugh at the fact that you have crystals in your bra, and give less shits. It's not so serious. Joy is encouraged here.