Smart transcription

To get the most out of your Premium Membership, utilize our transcription services. Transcriptions help you connect the dots for your clients and deliver even more value after your appointments—without wasting time re-listening to every session. Here’s how to access your transcription.


record your session

Record your client session by using voice memos on iPhone, Zoom recording, or tapeACall.

We highly recommend tapeAcall for phone sessions because the sound quality is very good. It’s an annual fee of $29.99 (which is only $2.50 a month to get GOOD recordings #worthit). You simply merge the recording software in with the call, and then the final recording is stored in the cloud—done.

If your recording is not high quality, we won’t be able to transcribe it properly.

We recommend only recording and transcribing sessions you speak to the client a lot in e.g. a reading or coaching, versus a healing or sound bath.

A word about privacy: We’ve got you covered. We already added a message to your confirmation email that notifies your client that the session will be recorded. They have the option to opt out of recording by emailing you.


SEND your recording

Forward us the confirmation email for the session you want the transcription for and include the voice recording file.

You could also send the voice recording file with the name of the client, date, and title of the session to, with TRANSCRIBE in the subject line. For example:

Michelle Pellizzon, 10/16/18, Akashic Records Reading with Ali Ballensweig.

Mp3 files are easiest, but if that is not possible we can work around it.

Our current technology can support transcribing up to three recordings per week, per facilitator, so please select carefully the sessions you know you’ll want to transcribe. Thank you for understanding. Please email us if you anticipate needing more, and we will see what we can do!


We’ll send your transcription

Sit back, sip your kombucha, and we’ll email you a transcript of your appointment within 48 hours. See the examples below!