valerie hwang


Meet valerie 

My name is Valerie! A New York to LA transplant with a passionate love for creating and living a vibrant life. I am a believer in infinite possibility, with an eclectic background of experiences in education, performing arts, psychological services, international cultural exchange, and travel.

I consider myself a student first, and currently practice and study capoeira, yoga, and various movement disciplines. I have traveled the world running dance programs and conducting cultural exchange activities. I use movement as a powerful modality for transformation, connection and empowerment.

I am a product of my actions – the good, the bad, the great, the ugly. Living the life you want does not mean being perfect. In our coaching relationship I am here to stand for you to be the person you want to be in the world, and to for you to gain access to living a life of vibrant purpose.


Introductory Consulting Session

In this one-hour session, we will build a background of relatedness and work on establishing what you’re committed to accomplishing, who you are for yourself and the world, and what your higher purpose is in life. This can be done as a one-off session to get clarity around your goals and vision, but furthermore, it opens you up to various coaching opportunities below.

Coaching Conversations

We will work together on a weekly basis through conversation, targeting specific areas of your life you want to produce lasting breakthrough results in. We will focus on uncovering blind spots, overcoming your mental barriers and breakdowns, and creating new paradigms of being that allow you to take on challenges and goals with ease and intention.

Vibrancy and Vitality Coaching

For those who want to focus on well-being, vitality, and living a vibrant life unleashed, I’ll work with you to formulate and guide you through incorporating lifestyle practices in the realm of food, activity, and routine. The goal is to get you established in a healthy lifestyle that is not only fun for you but also gives you the energy and motivation to pursue your goals and commitments at your highest potential.

Mindful Movement

In mindful movement coaching, we connect the physical, mental, and occasionally the spiritual. Using the modality of movement arts (yoga, dance, acrobatics, capoeira, calisthenics, etc.) we can break through our self-imposed limitations – limitations that keep us from fulfilling on our capacity to learn, accomplish, connect, express, and ultimately live freely. Mindful movement is excellent for overcoming any fears that keep you from moving forward in any aspect of your life.