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meet wanda

Since I was a child, I always loved to travel. So when I was deciding what I wanted to do, it seemed like a logical choice to pursue a degree in the hospitality industry. Working in travel for over 23 years, I worked in every imaginable division: government, corporate, leisure and tour operators. Not only did I work with prestigious accounts, such as National Geographic, Adventure Women, Harvard University, and many others, I also had the opportunity to experience some of the most incredible landscapes and people, like Norway and Mongolia. However, I felt something was missing. I didn’t feel fulfilled.  

It wasn’t until I was introduced to yoga, mindfulness and veganism that I discovered an entirely new world. It was something I instantly and deeply connected with because it encouraged me to grow physically, psychologically and spiritually by giving me the tools to lead a more conscious, spiritual, and holistic lifestyle. But I noticed that this type of travel was not being promoted. Despite the growing demand for holistic approaches to life, the travel industry is more focused on checking things off their clients’ bucket lists rather than encouraging them to truly experience the places they visit. Because of my passion for all things wellness, I was able to acquire clients within this field. I organized wellness retreats, ranging from yoga, meditation and spirituality to self care, cooking and nature. It gave me great joy to work with like minded individuals who saw the world from a similar lens. So, I decided to quit my corporate job to pioneer Wellness Travel.

I am grateful and excited to be doing this. There is so much more to travel than bragging rights of the places you visited. It's about self-discovery, living in the present moment, the journey, and the people you connect with along the way.


Booking Small Group Wellness Retreats

Creator of unique, perfectly-tailored travel experiences. I understand how every moment counts and what makes for an unforgettable wellness retreat first hand.