Harness Intuition: Your Clairvoyant Awakening

Harness Intuition: Your Clairvoyant Awakening


Discover your innate intuitive gifts with Holisticism and Imani Quinn of The Woke Mystix.

I see
I feel
I hear
I smell
I taste
I know

The five clairs, or clairvoyant abilities, are indicators of our intuition. And all of us are intuitive — but we don’t all use every single clair. The clairs are a lot like muscles; you need to exercise them, strengthen them, and know which ones you favor over others.

In this workshop, Imani Quinn, an intuitive reader with 15 years experience using oracle decks, and 7 years of dream work interpretation, will guide us as we explore:

- the 5 main clairvoyant categories and how they’re defined
- learn which ones work best for us
- actively practice using them through a guided meditation

Get a taste of what’s in the workshop by checking out this episode of The Woke Mystix.

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