Healthy Energetic Boundaries

Healthy Energetic Boundaries


Join Holisticism for a one hour virtual interactive class about protecting your energy and tapping into your intuition.

No need to feel stressed, or anxious, or worried that you're gonna lose your cool during uncomfortable or confronting situations. You have everything you need to maintain your personal energetic boundaries—but it's worth getting a quick refresher on how to stay strong and equanimous when you're feeling extra sensitive, and learning how to safely shake off any energy that ain't yours. 

Lindsey Kimura, Holisticism’s expert crystal reader and Reiki master, will explain practical ways to get in touch with your intuition as well as what crystals are best for shielding you from those weird vibes. Holisticism founder Michelle Pellizzon will share practical ways to stay centered during times of stress.

Missed the live broadcast? You can still learn all the info about cultivating healthy boundaries.

Upon purchase, you’re receive:

  • For audiophiles: 75-minute audio file of the workshop

  • For visual learners: 75-minute video of the workshop

  • An e-book with all the information covered in the workshop, including:

    • a guided meditation

    • 5 steps to creating healthy energetic boundaries

    • a primer on how to use crystals, amulets, and sacred objects

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