Human Design 101: How to Read Your Human Design Chart

Human Design 101: How to Read Your Human Design Chart


Holisticism has teamed up with Human Design Reader Amanda Green to bring you a virtual workshop to teach you how to read your own chart.

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • what the different parts of the chart represent

  • the HD types and their characteristics

  • how to recognize when you’re in the “not self”

  • the strategies for decision making

  • how to easily get basic translation for the different Profiles

  • all about what is means to have a center defined or undefined

  • the first thing to notice about channels even before diving their meaning

  • some key things to notice when you’re looking at your chart next to your significant other’s chart

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Human Design is an incredible system that can tell you so much about your strategy for success in all areas of your life.

But let’s face it — trying to read your own Human Design chart by yourself is beyond confusing.

[obvi you have to look up your chart here]

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent hours googling the keywords from your chart, only to end up on a random page on some person’s blog that breaks down all the details of Oprah’s chart. (Emotional Generator, FYI)

Cool, I guess, but what about what my chart means?!?!

I knew that my Human Design chart contained important information that could really help me navigate life more easily, but I had no idea how to extract that information. I followed Human Design IG accounts, listened to podcasts, and even booked a reading with a famous Human Design reader … but I still didn’t feel like I really ~understood~ my chart.

I probably spent 40+ hours pouring over content around Human Design, but I didn’t really get it. I needed to sit down with someone who could explain all the ins and outs of Human Design in a way that was accessible (aka they talked like a real person!) and with a chart as an example so I could really learn and understand … not just memorize what they were telling me and regurgitate what they told me later.

I’m glad I spent time on all that stuff, though, because it helped me realize just how much I wanted to learn about Human Design for myself.

But, here at Holisticism wanted to save you time, money, and hassle that it took me to learn all about Human Design. I’m not saying I want those 40+ hours back … but like, really could’ve used the extra time to binge Riverdale, ya know?

We teamed up with Human Design reader Amanda Green to create an all-inclusive workshop that helps anyone with a basic knowledge of Human Design hone their skills so they can more deeply understand their chart and the charts of their friends.

This 90-minute virtual workshop with Amanda Green that specifically focuses on teaching you how to read your own chart. You’ll walk away from this workshop with an understanding of how to really read the fine print of your chart, plus how to read the charts of loved ones to better understand how you can interact.

Now that I ~get~ Human Design charts (not just the Types!), I feel so empowered when it comes to understanding myself and the people around me. I know you’ll walk away feeling the same way!