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1:1 Intuitive Session
A 1 hour long live intuitive session via Zoom/FaceTime focused on finding clarity; either on a specific question or a more general feel of where you are at this point in time; or where you'd like to be. Intuitive sessions are crafted using a blend of astrology, oracle cards, iChing, and my own intuitive/empathic gifts.


meet yiskah

It all began at the age of 12 when I attended a spiritual festival with a friend and her mother. There I was introduced to the world of astrology, akashic records, magic, tarot, and so much more. I came home with more than an armful of books, most graciously gifted to me by the wonderful people facilitating the event, no doubt they were both amused and charmed by such a spiritually precocious young girl. Thanks to being unschooled and therefore free to study what I wished, I was able to spend almost every free hour studying spirituality, the paranormal, and inner thought. I was able to tap into and realise my inherent intuitive and empathic gifts, and now, having passed my Saturn Return, I am ready to share these gifts with the world and use them to impact and initiate true change in your life.

A bit more about me…

Enneagram type: 7w8

Myers-Brigg: ENFP

Human Design: Manifestor

Virgo Sun | Pisces Rising | Pisces Moon