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Yvonne studied nutrition in Boulder, CO at Bauman College and herbs under mentors Rosemary Gladstar and Kristin Schuch. She is a NANP member and constantly continues to educate herself more, the most recent being a weekend seminar on functional endocrinology. A former college athlete at Georgetown University and a graphic designer in Los Angeles for over a decade, she found herself unhappy at a desk 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. In order to gain some control of her health, she decided to get off birth control after over 15 years of continued use. It was then her skin took a turn for the worse and her journey with holistic health began. She saw numerous holistic health practitioners and eventually led her to the Nutrition Consultant training program at Bauman College. Yvonne believes that what we consume is a direct reflection of how we live our life and directly affects the state of our mind, body, and soul. Her desire is to share her knowledge in a simple and fun way so you can feel your best and enjoy life! She supports athletes at all levels with peak performance, women’s health including fertility and menstrual health, skin health, weight loss, addiction, blood sugar balance, hormone balance, and everyone to shift & uplift!


Initial Nutritional, Herbal & Wellness Consultation + Follow-up

Whether you have an autoimmune condition, feeling depressed and anxious, want to heal that acne and have glowing skin, have some habits or addictions you would like to heal or really anything you are wanting to work through and feel like yourself again, I am here for you. We are all unique and carry our stories in-sync with our health and wellness. Together we will work with whole foods, medicinal herbs, natural supplements and lifestyle habits, get to the root cause of what is going on and heal your body and mind from the inside out, for lasting and real change. In the initial intake and follow-up, I will provide you with a personalized roadmap of how we are going to achieve your goals, a meal-plan, recipes, and provide you with tools to allow you to take control of your own health, so you can be your own healer!

Nutritional, Herbal & Wellness Follow-Up

As a return client, we will continual look at your personalized plan and revaluate as needed, what’s working for you, what’s not, how are you feeling and more. I will always provide you with meal-plans, recipes, handouts, education for all the support you need. I am all about meeting you where you are at - whether that means going full-speed ahead with things like an elimination diet, usually big results are seen in 3-6 months, or working on changing a few things at a time, this can be a great place to get where you need to go without turning your life upside down. Neither is right, it’s about what’s right for you!