self-care. upgraded.

The truth is, you're your own greatest healer. 

But we all could use a little extra guidance now and then—and we can always benefit from thoughtfully taking the time to care for ourselves body, mind, and spirit. 

Next-level self-care is here.

Holisticism's trusted facilitators are here to guide you back to center. Book today for thoughtful, spiritual, and discreet virtual or in-person sessions.  



Our community of over 14,000 humans is a place to find that real real, authentic connection you crave. 

For techies, for yogis, for every star sign, for INFJs and ENTPs, for meditators, for mediators, for doctors, for lawyers, for students of the world, for curious people, for seekers—we made this thing for you. 

You're making the world a better place—and looking (and feeling) good while doing it. Same. 

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less work to do GOOD work.

Dear facilitators: We're guessing that your soul's purpose is not to answer admin emails.

We take care of the business details, so you can focus on the work you love—helping others.

Scheduling, email and text follow-ups, administrative paperwork—we're on it. Get business insights, and analytics to improve client conversion and retention, right to your inbox. Want in?



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