a virtual hug for the modern multi-hyphenate

For those on the threshold of the Ordinary World and the Special World.

We believe in a world where well-being is for everyone.

Wellness is for all of us weirdos, big and small.

Maybe you ~dabble~ in astrology. Or have a low-key obsession with herbs. Or are a secret clairvoyant. Or keep crystals in your bra during important work meetings.

And maybe you also love science. And data. And FACTS. And you're a bit of an optimistic skeptic ... who believes that some things just can't be explained with analytics.

You're in the right place.

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+45,000 members

in the
Holisticism community

+ 200 experts

wellness practitioners and facilitators that use Holisticism’s platform

+20 modalities

from Ayurveda to Breathwork to Intuitive Guidance

virtual workshops

for the curious, intrigued, and slightly skeptical

You can only do so much Googling — after a while, you just have to dive in and experience the thing you’re curious about, you know?

But, working 1:1 with a wellness practitioner can be cost prohibitive. Especially if you’re not quite sure if they’re a good fit for you.

Our virtual workshops provide an answer to all that waffling — for $10, snag a seat in a live workshop with our Holisticism practitioners. Ask questions in real time as they explain an area of their expertise, and if you have more questions, book a short 15-minute appointment right after the group workshop.

Tune in from anywhere (all you need is Wifi!), and if you can’t make it IRL, download the workshop audio, video, and workbook directly after the class.

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Love from the community


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Facilitators, it can be less work to do GOOD work.

Dear facilitators: We're guessing that your soul's purpose is not to answer admin emails.

We take care of the business details, so you can focus on the work you love—helping others.

Scheduling, email and text follow-ups, administrative paperwork—we're on it. Get business insights, and analytics to improve client conversion and retention, right to your inbox. Want in?