About oh holisticism

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Welcome to oh holisticism.

If you're reading this, hiiiiiii! That means you’re part of a carefully curated crew of extraordinary women who are doing truly incredible things with their lives. You're really special. And can I just say, I'm so stoked to have you here. 


oh holisticism came out of my work in the tech and wellness spaces. I saw a lack of inspiring leadership in both of these really exciting industries—and I didn't see anyone championing the type of female leader I hoped to be someday: fully integrated, thoughtful, intelligent, conscious, spiritual, empathetic, fun, irreverent, and feminine. And very, very good. 

oh holisticism aims to bridge the gap between esoteric principles and everyday practices, so you can use all this stuff to your advantage and have tons of tools at your disposal to be the most creative, inspired, and powerful version of yourself. 


Whether it's through weekly content or curated events, the mission stays the same—we support your journey to become the best leader, friend, partner, mother, entrepreneur, and human you can be. 

Your work is really important—and you need to keep doing it. Hopefully oh holisticism will bring a little joy into your life, and give you the strength you need to keep going when things get tough.

We want to feature your big wins and your little wins and, hey, even your utter failures—we’re here to support you and raise you up all the time, not just when you’re kicking ass. 

And if you need a little more support, call me and we'll grab a matcha and I'll give you a hug. Seriously, call me if you need anything: 949-697-0613. 


Shit we are not about: We are not a networking group. We are not an ad. We are not a random listserv. We are not a ‘like-for-like’ thing. We are not trying to get you more Instagram followers. We are not selling you essential oils or e-courses or skinny tea. This is just a list of v connected people and the dope shit they are doing and other cool stuff that you’ll probably also be into.

We’re not looking for 112398173 followers. We want you, and people like you—that real real. We're keeping it tight-knit and authentic, so we can all make magic and grow together. And if you have a friend who'd happen to make a great addition to crew, send 'em our way.