Human Design: Energy Types, Decoded

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Beautiful Holisticism member Pilar Lesko is a student and teacher of Human Design. You’ve likely heard of Human Design before (our friend Jenna has talked quite a bit about it in the press lately!), but if you haven’t, it’s basically like Myers-Briggs meets astrology on steroids. It’s great. You can look up your design type here.

Unlike astrology or Myers-Briggs, though, Human Design is a relatively opaque and complex  practice. There isn’t a ton of information readily available to those who are curious—understanding your chart will involve a lot of self-study, or a 1:1 session with someone who reads charts.

To whet your appetite and give you a bit of a kickstart on your Human Design journey (omg, be prepared to fall down the rabbit hole …) Pilar put together a brief on each of the design’s energy types. IT’S FASCINATING. Keep scrolling to see whether you’re a Projector who gets to take midday naps (it me.) or a powerful Manifesting Generator who blows through work.

We live in a fast-paced world filled with collective societal programming that glorifies productivity, "hustle," and overworking ourselves. Human Design is a multi-faceted system that gives us awareness of the energy that's available to us, how to best utilize our energy. It gives us permission to start living a lifestyle that honors our unique design.

One of the boldest acts of self-love we can give ourselves is the awareness that our lives are not meant to look the same as everyone around us. We are meant to live lives that are magically unique to our design!

Let’s break down the basic differences between the “Energy” & “Non-Energy” types and squash some of the stigmas that come with them.

Energy Types


Strategy - Respond

Generators are here to “do” from a place of joy. Generators & Manifesting Generators are the only two types designed to fit into the current work paradigm because they have that magical sustainable life-force energy always available to them. However, more than any other type Generators need to be picky AF about what they respond to. Your energy is your most valuable resource & we see so many Generators today wasting it on passionless lives.   

Remember: WAIT before you respond. As uncomfortable as this may be for you, trust me—you've gotta make waiting your new best friend. When a Generator chases, initiates, or forces things, they’re met with resistance. It’s when they learn to exercise patience, wait, and attract the right opportunities that they start co-creating with the Universe in big ways.

Manifesting Generator (MGs)

Strategy - Respond

MGs are the world’s powerhouses. They have the sustainable life-force energy of the Generator + the initiating power of the Manifestor. MGs feel pressure to move very quickly because of the all the energy they house. This is why it’s so crucial for you to slow down before you respond. Like Generators, you need to become very intentional about where your energy goes as you run the risk of becoming very busy doing nothing.

Remember: WAIT to respond, envision or imagine, reprocess, inform ...  then act! Between responding to something and acting you will feel a sometimes very subtle gap. It’s within this gap that you should envision or imagine as to whether this action is energetically correct for you. Tuning into this gap & following the process listed above is what will preserve your energy for everything you feel aligned with!


Strategy - Initiate & Inform

Ah, Manifestors. In my humble opinion, the most misunderstood type. They’re on the list of “Energy” types but unlike the other types, they don’t have sustainable energy! They have the initiating power of a lightning bolt. Your energy works in erratic & powerful bursts. When you’re initiating, you have all the energy in the Universe available to you. Manifestors can truly move mountains when they’re “on.” However, because your energy is not sustainable, you will come down & need your sacred alone time to recharge. Manifestors don’t fit into the collective models of today’s world. They’re here to stay true to themselves & forge their own paths.

Remember: Wait for clarity! Maintaining an inner connection to yourself & your truth is of the utmost importance. This is what will give you clarity on what, when & where your initiating powers should go next. Everybody wants to be you because you’re the only type designed to initiate or “manifest.” However, with great power comes great responsibility. More than any other type, manifestors need to be careful what they wish for.


Non-Energy Types


Strategy - Wait for the Invitation

Projectors are the world’s receptive, wisdom-filled guides. You are here to see very deeply & intimately into others & (if invited) to guide them. Based on your charts, you have varying levels of available energy. However, none of you have access to sustainable life-force energy. We live in a world where most projectors are pretending to be Energy types & physically destroying themselves in the process. The more you decondition (shed everything that’s not truly you) & start to integrate your design, the more magnetic your aura will become.

Remember: Being seen, recognition, & invitations are synonymous. And, invitations can take on many forms aside from the obvious verbal ones. HD expert Chetan Parkyn tells us, “Invitations are anyone or anything seeking your involvement while genuinely recognizing your qualities.” The deeper you know yourself & honor your design, the more invitations you’ll start to see.


Strategy - Wait for a Lunar Cycle (28 days; before making decisions)

Reflector’s are living sponges. As wide-open, receptive, sensitive beings, you’re designed to take everything in—and let everything go. Like Projectors, you don’t have consistent access to life-force energy. Your energy is garnered from your environment, community & the lunar cycle. The right environment & community are SO important for you as you energetically become wherever you are or whoever you’re with. You are eternally sampling other people’s designs & reflecting back to them. More than any other type, you must understand how impressionable your design is & then, discern which energy feels good to carry & what to let go of.

Remember: You need the full lunar cycle in order to gather information & use people as sounding boards to hear how you’re speaking about the situation. You are waiting for the wisdom to know what & who is truly right for you.

Learn more, and get a reading from Pilar.