Ask An Astrologer: How Can I Tell When to Start a Business, According to the Stars?


Hi Emmalea!

I've been sitting on an idea to build a studio for a long time, but I've been waiting for the right moment. At this point, I don't know the difference between signs and coincidences — I can't tell if my fear is getting in the way of my actions or if it's really not the right time for me.

Where in my natal chart (or in the stars generally) can I look to tell if it's the right time for me to finally open up my studio or begin my own business?


Studio Starter

Dear Studio Starter,

Business! In the astrologically archetypal sense, this is the realm of Capricorn and its caregiver, Saturn.

In the current collective sky, Saturn and Pluto are in residence in Capricorn at the south node. Translation: Biz is getting sorted out. What's unnecessary will get deleted by the harbinger of the underworld (dearest Pluto) under the direction of Saturn and released via the south node karmic shuffle.

Important: Saturn is newly direct after a retrograde stint since April 30th, so your mind will likely feel a little less doom and gloom and a little more work-positive! Re: astro-boosted times for your aspirations — look with rigor and creativity no further than our emissary, the Moon! She bespeaks life on Earth and because she's rather speedy, reveals the ever-changing nature of our material reality and all it’s magical and gritty unknowns.

Best to commence any openings or beginnings when the moon is waxing (the first few days after a new moon being especially fortuitous), as this is when she's gathering light and so too we collect that lunar glow. Reflection and revision are the domain of the waning moon (the two weeks after the moon is full and before it goes dark).

Note the sign in which the new moon falls. Example: At the end of September, we've got a new moon in Libra (a cardinal, Venus-ruled, masculine air sign) whose qualities, among others, include: airy, cerebral, idea-centric, justice-oriented, Venusian, beautiful, heavy on the luxury, and analytical. So...if you want your business/studio idea to embody these qualities, the Libra new moon will guide you toward a most baller beginning. Likewise, you can read up on the planetary rulers, elements, and modes of the signs to decide which you most want to your biz/studio to carry forth. Look to your 10th house (career), 5th house (creativity), and 7th house (if there are other people, business partners involved) and see if there are any planets traversing. Jupiter will bring especially sweet luck.

Above all, trust your gut, because to paraphrase Prince, business decisions must come from the heart (and stars). May the luminaries and planets be with you!

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