Eclipse Season Horoscopes: Summer of Light and Shadow


In the midst of Cancer season, we find ourselves heading towards a set of eclipses. Eclipses happen at the nodes of the moon and we’re talking here about the language of light and shadow, of altered lunation. How we see. The moon is new tomorrow (July 2) and as such, the solar eclipse in Cancer is initiatory. Two weeks later on July 16, a full moon in Capricorn will pass between us and the sun, making a partial lunar eclipse. Our solar computers are getting a reboot on July 2 and the lunar eclipse on the 16 is about, to be quite general, culmination and release.

The collective conversation is about embracing the light of Cancer, who rules the lunar north node this year — asking us to turn towards that which is lunar and intuitive, to restore trust in the body and remember that all bodies are sovereign. Capricorn, its opposite, is at the south node, where Pluto and Saturn are residing. What can you kill off? What’s living rent-free in your precious mind? What unnecessary weights can you shimmy out from under? How can you make time work for you? Which structures are good and true and cosmic and wise?

I’ve compiled some Avant-Galaxy style eclipse season horoscopes for you. Best to read for your rising and sun signs and also, all signs, as we are all signs and stars. We will feel the effects of what these eclipse events set into motion for the next several months.


ARIES || Dear ram, you’ve got 99 problems and forward-momentum is not one. The sun wants you to check in with your root system, as you did not arrive fully-formed (though it sometimes seems as such). How can you nourish those deep roots and whatever/whoever/wherever you deem “home" so that your rhizome can carry you more dearly into the light.

TAURUS || The cosmic egg is about to hit the refresh button in your communication station. What is that bumper sticker? “Think globally, act locally.” This is your eclipse mantra. You’ve been climbing some mountain of higher learning, deciphering wisdom from knowledge. You’ll be rewarded with a galactic download. Be the channel.

GEMINI || On what do you place value, dear Gem? What feels tangled and unsavory in the realm of bling and worth? You’re here for the savory and stimulating solution to what you place worth on. You are greater than the sum of your parts. Set anything shady out to sea but not before taking a good hard look at it. The world needs your worthy acuity.

CANCER || The solar eclipse is hitting your identity center and so what do you see in the obsidian mirror? That which you yoke with is on the upward spiral, a gradual process of release. If the union is ripe, let it fall to the ground and see what happens. The other person is always you, as is the higher power. Hold them all up to the light and see which doesn’t hold. Bid farewell to that which forbids your real feels.

LEO || You better put your kingdom up for sale, lioness, and take a spiritual jaunt into the recesses of your mammoth mind. The devil is in the details this July and your neurons know it. Zoom out, explore your more occult interests (Kundalini? Astrology? POETRY?) and enter the realm of imagination. Strut around in the territory of the right brain.

VIRGO || Bring forth your hermetic knowledge, the stuff you learned in the slush pile, and hold it up to the light. The slush AND the process of sorting slush from gold. We need your process and writ wisdom, your intricate perspective. Enter the collective with your lantern and show us how to elegantly discern what’s what.

LIBRA || There is no beauty without justice and there is no justice without a Libra-minded human at the top. You contain the multitudes that we seek and the stars are funneling energies into your house of public life and career, capital C. Use it for good and release the drudgery of grudges.

SCORPIO || Yes to the weird books. Yes to meditation. Yes to the trip abroad. Resist sinking into the cozy couch of your most communal surroundings. Your mind and spirit, this eclipse season, want to head towards the mysteries of the universe. Be the vehicle and point your arrow to infinity, worry not if your mind can grasp.

SAGITTARIUS || Look directly into the face of your worst fears, your most sorrowful nightmares. It’s here you’ll find the way out. Gather your guides and rosebuds. Accept help, as these are chaotic and large searches. Death is not even close to being the last card in the tarot deck. After death? Art.

CAPRICORN || If there is an old structure you’ve internalized, locate it and extract it. Disruptions to your cozy rhythm will reign, as Pluto and Saturn are residing in your sign. You don’t have to do this by yourself. Join with those who want to help the mission, to dismantle the patriarchy together, monument by monument.

AQUARIUS || Love thyself, electric friend. If you’re going off-grid, make it a health project. Your health, wellness, everyday work, the way that you serve, are getting lit up in this lunation station. Cast your secrets to the wind and release what’s undoing you in favor of service to yourself and therefore, the galaxy.

PISCES || Do art. Or better yet, be art. Perform the play. Write the novel. Method act. July is favorable for Piscean solo creative ventures. Hit the main stage slinging your dreaminess and pour it into the shadowy waters of this eclipse. Note what stirs the creative pulse in your deepest pools and jump in. Edit later.

Contributed by Emmalea Russo 〰️ Avant Galaxy

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