Lost Love? You Can Tell In Your Under-Eyes! Plus 4 More Tips from a Master Face Reader 


Ever wondered why you have lines under your eyes and some people don’t? Fortunately, there’s a clean and conscious way to not only get you smoothed out but also bring more joy into your life, all-in-one step!

I’m a certified Chinese medicine face reader (no-it’s not like palm reading!) and focus my practice primarily on skin wellness. Mostly, I help my clients get rid of their wrinkles, appreciate their features, and increase their bliss in the process. 

Face reading is a modality which originated in China thousands of years ago. Practitioners observe colors, lines, marks, shapes, and textures on the face, and relate these external markings to which internal organ is being under or overused. The method helps people heal emotional, physical, and spiritual trauma and can, at times, can be used to prevent health issues. 

In my work, I use a custom “Four Pillar” system comprised of mindset, diet, skincare, and environment to create results. However, due to the complexity of an individual’s composition, each person can have a different pathology for the same issue, which is clarified in an individual reading. My recommendations below are simply what has worked for the majority and myself.


In face reading, under-eye lines radiating out from the inner canthus (the inner corner of the eye where the upper and lower lids meet) are called “lost love lines.” The lines aren’t about someone you used to love but can indicate a wistfulness about what you used to do or who you used to be.

When someone comes to me with lost love lines, my first question is usually, “What did you do when you were younger that you loved and/or came naturally to you?” If nothing becomes apparent (that’s okay!), I guide the conversation to what’s occurring presently. Has there been recent life changes where you’ve been unable to be or do things authentic to you? 

For me, some of my lost love lines were related to something as simple as previously feeling wild about having a daily yoga practice, which I eluded for a few years. I didn’t realize how much I craved my practice until I started face reading myself. I looked at how I could reintroduce yoga into my life and into a new schedule. Now, if I know I have a busy day, I’ll do three of my favorite poses when I wake up. I also started practicing yin yoga (poses are held for a minute or longer to help you deeply stretch into your muscles and tissue, reconnect with your emotions, and slow down a busy life) two or three times a week, whenever I think about it. 

My relaxed approach feels more genuine to me in my current state of life than when I was vigorously doing Ashtanga and adhering to a strict schedule. 

If you have small children, enjoying personal time can be a rare treat. Incorporate your children (and/or significant other, especially if your hobby doesn’t work for children) into your hobby and in the process relish in teaching them a new skill. Whatever adjustments you can make are the perfect amount. Remember: this is for you, and your balance in life differs from those around you!

Lost love lines can also correlate to longing for who you used to be in your past. Perhaps you used to be more fun-loving and carefree but have gotten caught up in the stresses of life. Sometimes these feelings are so deep in our subconscious that we don’t even realize that we feel imbalanced. Review your perception of any situation you’re in currently and find ways to modify it to harmonize your past and present self.


The under-eye area is correlated with the kidneys, and in many cases, nurturing the kidneys assists in dissolving these lines. In Chinese medicine, the kidneys are related to the element of water and maintaining a healthy balance of it in the body. However, if you’re dehydrated, it’s not enough to simply drink water. Enjoying asparagus, celery, citrus fruits, cucumber, and dandelion not only allow your body to retain the water it needs but also help to flush any mineral buildup out of your kidneys so it can continue performing impeccably. 

When you do drink water though, opting for filtered or spring water will be your best option. If you cannot find either or you drink from a tap, blessing your water with gratitude and love is a smart substitute. I usually say, “I’m grateful for this water nourishing my body. I love and bless this flowing substance.”

To learn more, check out Masaru Emoto’s short book “The Miracle of Water” for how emotions positively change the structure of water molecules. 


If you’re dehydrated, lines will be more prominent on your skin, specifically under your eyes. Keeping the under eye area moisturized is a two-step, two-second routine. Every night after cleansing your face, spray toner onto your hands and press into face and neck to help the cream or serum absorb instead of evaporating. Next, use your ring finger to pat serum into the under-eye skin while it’s still moist from the toner. I’ve had the best experience with rosehip oil as it’s a delicate skin regenerating carrier oil. Whatever products you decide, make sure that they’re not astringent as the skin under the eye is very sensitive and thinner than the rest of the face. 

Also, PSA: please avoid pulling at the skin under your eyes—overuse can also lead to wrinkles. Be gentle!


Is your present environment conducive to integrating the beloved past parts of yourself? Your environment includes the physical spaces you inhabit, the people you engage with, and the information you take in. If your scene is less than pleasing, make a list of all of the ways you can create more inviting surroundings, even if it’s crafting a corner for a painting easel, turning a chair into a reading chair by putting a comfy pillow–anything. 

Whatever you decide to implement from the “Four Pillars,” the most important takeaway is that you feel cheerful while doing so. 

Contributed by Victoria Rose ~ The Rose Reserve