6 Powerful Questions to Ask the Akashic Records That Will Supercharge Your Business


I'll be honest — I find asking the BIG, juicy questions to the Akashic Records kind of boring.

Don't get me wrong. When you first learn how to open your records, it's the FIRST thing you tap into. If you broke into my house and stole all my old notebooks from when I first became a certified AR reader, you'd find pages on pages on pages of questions like, "Why am I here?" and "What's my soul's purpose?" and "What was the point of insert ex-boyfriend's name in my life?"

Those questions are incredibly valid and super fun to ask. But once you get the answers to the big q's ... welp, you kind of have them for life. No need to revisit your records every day and query again! In fact, if you do continue to nitpick at the same topic, your MTLOs will probs get kind of annoyed with you.

While I love getting those life-jolting answers, I actually prefer to use the records for more practical, everyday questions. Over the past few years, I've found them to be incredibly helpful when making choices about my personal life, health routine, and in particular, my business decisions.

The cool thing about the records is that you can literally ask anything you want (you won't always get the answer you're looking for, but you'll usually get something!). Your question can be as small as, "What's the best thing to wear to my interview to get a positive outcome?" or as big as, "When should I launch my new company?"

Below, I've written out some of my favorite questions to ask the records for advice that's actionable. Quick caveat: Asking the Records for temporal-based answers usually yields a solution that's a bit foggy. I've found the MTLOs aren't great with exact dates or times; but, you might find that when you ask a q like, "When should I hire a new employee?" you might not get an exact date, but a general timeframe or even a marker of time that has nothing to do with dates, i.e., "After you've made $10k in revenue and started meditating every day."

I know, it's annoying but also endearing.

Anyways, keep scrolling for my six favorite questions to ask the Akashic Records.

Figure out your ideal workflow

Question: How should I plan my weeks to optimize my time, creativity, and inspiration best?

Yo, productivity hack #1 is figuring out your ideal workflow — because pounding your keyboard from 9a to 5p every day is PROBABLY not your sweet spot for creativity and focus. As a Projector in Human Design, I'd been told before that I could "only work for 4 hours a day." Not only did this feel really limiting, but it was also ... impossible? I had to make money, I didn't have the cash to outsource my work, and therefore 4 hours a day seemed like the rudest and most privileged thing someone could possibly say.

But, when I opened my Records and asked the question above, I literally got a day-by-day schedule for when to start working, how long to work for, and when to take breaks. It was surprisingly specific for me.

Now, I check in every few months to make sure my workflow hasn't changed too much. Sometimes I get less clear directives (one month I was told not to send any emails on Fridays anymore), but I always get a new insight on how I could be working more intelligently, so I don't burn out.

For pricing and setting costs

Question: What should I charge for my services?

Figuring out what to charge for what you offer can be particularly gnarly, especially if you feel like you have inhibitions around money and asking for your worth (don't we all?). Going to an objective source like the Akashic Records helps you get a clear answer as to what you should charge for what you do, and if you disagree with what they tell you you can always ask, "Why?"

I've found this follow-up question to be extremely helpful because I used to need to justify getting paid. Thank goodness I don't anymore.

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Scheduling Launches and Product Releases

Question: What is the best possible outcome for launching my product, service, or company on TK date? Is there an ideal time to begin my TK?

Of course, you can use astrology or the Wiccan holidays or the Mayan calendar to plan the most auspicious days for big-deal things like product releases and the launching of new offerings, but really who's got the time.

I'm kidding — I don't even know how to find a Mayan calendar, let alone read one, although I'm sure it's fascinating.

Seriously, that's all a lot to juggle. If you're into it, fabulous. If you're not, just ask your Records about the best possible outcome for launching your thing on the date you're called to. Remember, the MTLOs aren't great with timelines, so they may not give you a calendar date as a hard answer. But they might! Regardless, you're going to get some helpful information.


Question: What type of person or energy do I need to get the best possible outcome for my business?

Oof, hiring the right people can make or break your business. In the day-to-day, it will either make your job much more manageable... or far more difficult. Instead of asking precisely who you need to hire, figuring out what type of support you need in your business can be even more useful.

Not only will that direct you to the type of person who could be impactful in your business, but it will also help you see the areas that you've been overlooking in your work that might need a little more support.

Immediate Next Steps

Question: What is the best thing I can do for my business today?

Sometimes when you're in the thick of it, you get analysis paralysis — there are a million things to do, hundreds of emails to write, and endless hours that you "need" to book on your calendar for creating and executing on strategy. When you're a small business (or a big business!), that's overwhelming, to say the least.

And more often than not, we don't need to start by tackling a 5-year-plan growth plan. Instead, we just need to begin with the next best step. That's it.

Think about improving in increments. All you need to do, today, is be better by 1%. Improve by just 1% every day, and by the end of the year, you'll be at a 365% growth rate. That's pretty damn good.

So, on days when I'm feeling extra frazzled and overwhelmed, I instead begin my day by asking, "What is the best thing I can do for my business right now?" It is very rarely what I worked up in my head.

Long Term Vision

Question: What is the purpose or role of this business in my life? In the world around me?

When things get tough, it's reasonable to want to quit. Unfortunately, though, when we run up into a conflict or difficult pattern in one area of our lives, it has a way of working its way back in the rotation somewhere else.

So even if you're like, "Fuck it, I'll just close down this store because dealing with feedback is annoying, and I don't want to hear it!" ... You're kicking the can down the road. That feedback sitch is gonna come up again!

Asking your Records about the purpose or role of your work — what you're supposed to learn from it — can give the necessary perspective needed to keep going when things get tough.


As esoteric as they might seem, the Akashic Records are actually a pretty, pretty handy tool to use when navigating the real world. They're free to use, and anyone can access them. So, what have you got to lose? Grab the Akashic Records cheat sheet to get started using this fantastic tool.

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