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Practitioner, Healer, or Coach? Here's the Number That Actually Determines How To Get Fully Booked Out (And It Has Nothing to Do With Your Pricing)

After pulling more than a year of data on the highest- and lowest-performing holistic wellness practitioners, I was stunned to find that the practitioners who made the most money and booked the most clients had this one thing in common …

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How Much Money Do You ACTUALLY Need to Start a Business or Side Project?

Starting your own business or side project is an incredible experience — but it's also pretty stressful. Making sure you're well-resourced enough to begin your entrepreneurial journey is incredibly important to your success. Money is an important resource, sure — but you'd be surprised at what else you might need in order to start your business.

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8 Mystical and Practical Processes That Drive More Traffic To Your Site: Part 2

Last week, we touched on the first four steps to figuring out what you want to make — so you have SOMETHING to drive viewers to! This week we’re going to dig into the more mystical and alternative aspects of getting more traffic to your site, as well as *very practical* ways to grow your audience. 

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