Chaotic Energy = Chaotic Life. Here’s Why Energy Healing Can Help You Find Clarity and Purpose


There were many times in my life that I thought I had it all, that I was living “the dream.” Only to find a few years or months later everything falling apart at the seams. The Universe's last warning for me to “get my life” together came during my Saturn Return.

Following major life shifts

Ah, the infamous Saturn Return. What exactly is that you might say?

As a non-astrologer, the simplest way I can explain it is that it’s a phase that comes every 27-30 years and lasts 2-3 years. During Saturn Return, you're asked you to take stock of your life and shed what doesn’t serve you becoming a more evolved, best version of yourself. And when you ignore the signs or try to take the easier path, the Universe has a funny way of putting you in challenging situations in which you have to face the most shadowy bits of yourself and rise to the occasion.

During my Saturn Return—while I was recovering from the life of a wannabe Republican lobbyist—I made a commitment to paving a new path, one that would allow me to make meaningful change in the world. So, I left politics and moved to NYC to work for a start-up. I was moving closer and closer “having it all” once again.

So close, and yet so far … until energy healing found me

Yet I still found myself disconnected from… well, myself. And it was, appropriately, one of the times I was feeling most myself—pizza in one hand, champagne in the other—that I stumbled into the world of healing. Deepening my yoga practice helped ground me and led me to meditation. That led me to alternative medicine. Then, I discovered two of the most powerful modalities I’ve used: Reiki and Breathwork. Before I knew it, I was practicing both and fulfilling my life’s purpose—which has lead me here. Now, I'm launching my dream company and sharing what I have learned from healing (and am still learning) with others.

Three guiding principles for trusting your energy and finding your purpose

When I share my story with others, they want to know how they too can find their purpose. They want to know where to start on their healing journey — who are the best healers, what are the best books, etc.

For me, there are three basic principles in which I think are the basis for a fulfilling and bountiful healing journey.

  1. Know that you are worthy of all the beauty and abundance that the Universe has in store for you.

  2. Love yourself wholly, unconditionally and fiercely. No matter what.

  3. Understand the energetics of energy (all pun intended).

To me, energy matters.

Everything has energy and we're constantly exchanging it. Making eye contact? Sitting in a chair? Buying something? They're all ways that we put out and exchange energy with others.

We all know that what we put in the universe is indicative of what we will get back. When you find yourself in chaos, you’re most likely putting scattered energy into the universe. When you’re getting mixed messages from not just the Universe, but those around you, I’d probably guess that you are lacking clarity around what it is you want.

Trust me, I’ve been there surrounded by chaos and confusion.  But it was understanding that I needed to sort out what was my energy vs. OPE (Other People’s Energy), learning that mine was out of whack, and that I had control over balancing it was truly freeing. Then, when I learned how to master it and to harness it in order to life that was not only a dream come true but in alignment with my higher purpose, it became pure magic.

Energy Healing 101 Workshop

That’s why I am so excited to bring my Energy Healing 101 workshop online with Holisticism. I’ll answer all of your most pressing questions around energy healing.

Why does energy matter?

What is Reiki?

What is breathwork?

And most importantly, how does it all actually work?

In this 75-minute workshop, you’ll learn about energy healing and the Japanese energy healing modality reiki. We’ll use techniques like pranayama and guided meditation in order to understand how energy healing works — and how you can practice it on yourself at home. Plus, we’ll talk about different everyday tools you can use for balancing and harnessing your own energy.

I hope you can join me for this accessible, fun and informative gathering. Come curious and come with your questions—I look forward to meeting you!

Contributed by Maryam Ajayi 〰️ @maryamajayi