Forging A New Path and Feeling It All: Meet Amy Duncan, Founder of Mowellens


When I first met Amy Duncan, we bonded over brain tumors.

Technically, the brain tumor thing wasn’t our first point of entry. Amy walked into my co-working space in a black leather skirt and seriously chic sweatshirt and I practically drooled when I asked, “Are you from New York, too?”

“No, but everyone always thinks that about me,” she laughed.

“Me TOO!” I screeched.

We had a lot more to connect over than our New Yorker-like personalities; we were both female founders in the wellness world, we both loved science and data (Amy’s company, Mowellens, was born from her experience in biotech), we both had overflowing email inboxes that were borderline objectionable to our mental health.

Amy and I also discovered that both of our romantic partners had brain cancer. While Amy’s story is her own to tell, I know that up until meeting her, I’d never met another female entrepreneur my age trying to juggle building a business and having a partner with chronic, terminal health issues. It’s fascinating, to have that sword swinging gracefully over your head constantly. It’ll drive you mad with worry and fear, if you let it.

Or, it’ll make you bold.

As that menacing feeling is sort of always there, and it catalyzes you into action. It wakes you up at 3 a.m. and threateningly whispers, “I control you,” and sits there, watching you from the corner of the room, until you can’t stand to be still anymore. It forces you to chose — take your life back, or give up.

For both of us, the ominous feeling seemed to add fuel to the internal fires that were already burning. In response to her husband’s diagnosis, Amy Duncan built the powerful brand Mowellens, a CBD wellness brand that uses science and biotech advances to create a better product.

In an industry that’s mostly unregulated and growing like gangbusters, Mowellens stands apart from the crowd because of it’s robust science-based processing and efficacious formula. And in a world where there’s no rule book to follow, Amy Duncan is forging her own path while simultaneously allowing herself to feel it all.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m in awe of her. I’m so excited for you to meet Amy Duncan, CEO and Founder of Mowellens.

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Sun/Moon/Rising Signs and any other qualifiers you’d like to include:

Sun - Gemini
Moon - Taurus
Rising - Aries

Myers Briggs - INFJ

Human Design - 2/4 Generator

Ideal lunch as a 5 year old:

Probably a bowl of Frosted Flakes or a grilled cheese 

Ideal lunch today:

Smoothie Bowl from Backyard Bowls

A book / podcast / movie / song / etc that has meaning to you:

Oprah’s book, “The Wisdom of Sundays


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How does your background influence your present outlook?

I am a much stronger and more rooted individual due to my life with my husband, his illness, and finding new normals. My character and values are unwavering. I know what makes me happy and what my purpose is on this earth. I also live every moment like it can be taken from me and appreciate all that I have here. Life is so short and things can change in an instant. My present outlook is always viewed with a relentless solution focused and gracious attitude.

Where are you growing right now, or looking for a guide/teacher?

Moving through the trauma of my husband’s brain tumor has caused more pain in my life than I probably admit. I saw a cancer counselor for about a year and she really helped me to realize that my life and feelings were justified and okay. Now that I have moved our of Laguna Beach to West Hollywood sometimes I find myself wanting to speak to someone again. There are still areas of my life where I see that experience surfacing. Sometimes it’s in my reaction to someone or something. I want to be sure I am continually working to heal those areas of my life so I can be my best self both for me, those around me, and for the community we are building.

Where in you life can you do more? Less?

Starting a company in Mowellens has been the biggest challenge and accomplishment of my life. I could probably incorporate a little more play into my life at times but I feel like these are critical years of growth for me.

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How do you practice Self Respect?

I’ve found myself stepping into my ability to communicate directly and ask for exactly what I want. At this point in my life I realized that if I want to step fully into and execute on my purpose it will take expressing myself and letting my voice be heard.

What brings you joy + pleasure?

I love seeing people in their element. When I catch someone in their element, completely immersed in their passion, it lights me up inside.

How do we make wellness more accessible to more people right now?

Make it relatable. Like anything, when incorporating new practices and building new habits it is often easier when people like you are doing it. Sometimes wellness seems out of reach. When real stories are shared from different communities and lifestyles then it seems possible for everyone to get involved.

I love the wellness industry and the way it is involving and shifting the healthcare industry. It should feel inclusive and I believe it does. My only hope is that the cost of wellness stays accessible and affordable for all.

“I believe we are always capable of achieving that crazy vision that lives in your wildest dreams and it’s never too late to make the decision to act on it. I want people who cross my path to be inspired in a way that leaves them ready to live like this is the big show not the dress rehearsal.”