So You Think You're Intuitive? Understanding the Six Clairs


Listen, I don’t care how straight-laced-Capricorn-left-brain-analytical-pragmatic you are — we all wish we could be psychic. Good news: We all are. Yep, really. If you’re violently shaking your head in disbelief, I totally understand; ten years ago, I would’ve been right alongside you rolling my eyes. But the more I got into wellness and started really listening to my body (which meant I finally started feeling my body, instead of existing outside of it), the more I found that what everyone said was true: Intuition is innate to us, if we allow it to be. And all of the sudden, I started getting these weird intuitive hits … but that’s another story : )

I’m so excited for our next virtual workshop, where we’ll be talking all about the five primary clairs and how they show up for all of us. Our facilitator, Imani Quinn, is taking over the blog today to tell all us more about the five clairs. See you in the workshop! — Michelle

"I should've trusted my gut."

"I had a feeling that was going to happen."

"I just *know* it's going to work out."

These phrases are seemingly commonplace — but they're actually hints of intuitive, clairvoyant powers.

Do you ever find yourself asking why you didn’t listen to your gut feeling or your inner voice that told you what decision to make or direction to go? That was your clairvoyant self trying to guide you. Or maybe you've had an experience seeing an intuitive reader in an attempt to find more clarity on a situation, and left feeling that they affirmed messages that you *already* knew?

That’s because we are all intuitive, but intuition is a muscle — and the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. Clairvoyant abilities are also different for everyone and it is important to identify which ones work best for you. The most popular and well known Clairs are the 5 Clairs, which are broken down for you below.

I see

Clairvoyance: Clear seeing, being able to see visuals of the past, present or future from your third eye.

I hear

Clairaudience: Clear hearing, being able to hear messages through words, sound or music in our own minds voice, or someone else’s voice within our mind.

I feel

Clairsentience: Clear feeling, being able to feel emotions connected to oneself or from someone else, which can also include gut, chills, and energy.

I smell

Clairalience: Clear smelling, being able to smell something that is not actually physically present in the 3D realm.

I taste

Clairgustance: Clear tasting, being able to taste something that is not actually physically present in the 3D realm.

I know

Claircognizance: Clear knowing, being able to know something as fact that you didn’t learn from an outside source when spirit presses truth upon us and we know it without effort.

My journey of discovering which clairs worked best for me and strengthening them came through mentorship from my mother who is a clairvoyant, going to intuitive readers for counseling, reading materials and listening to my intuition. It's likely that your journey with intuition has already begun, as we come into this world as intuitive beings. And as with most things the more care and attention you give it, the stronger it will become.

In our virtual workshop on April 7th, we will identify which clair is strongest for you and different tools that can help you tap into your abilities.


Imani is half of The Woke Mystix, a podcast and platform created as a safe space on the discussion of spirituality, self-care, magic and divinity. She is the Founder of SWAJE, a multicultural retail brand, and a choreographer with 5 years experience in the LAUSD Performing Arts Programs. Imani is an intuitive reader with 15 years experience using oracle decks, and 7 years of dream work interpretation. She can be found giving oracle/clairvoyant readings at Yoni Circle in Los Angeles. Apart from Woke Mystix, Yoni Circle and SWAJE you can find her doing live art installations, and here for readings upon request.

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