Lenea Sims: Self-Care, But Make It Fun


Lenea Sims is an energy worker akin to a paint spinner — an ecstatic splash of color in the often neutral toned world of wellness. Her unabashed vibrance is in itself a superpower capable of making everything around her shine at full wattage. As a practitioner, rather than working individually she facilitates energetic healing through the products she creates and curates on her platform, Inner Play, where everything reinforces the belief that “the key to good inner work is having fun while you do it.”

If she could convey one truth to all whom she encounters? Start by having fun — the act of seeking joy will transform your life.

We caught up with Lenea and we’re so excited to have her as part of the Holisticism family. Read on and get to know this special woman who is making the world of wellness a whole lot more FUN.

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First things first, what are your Sun/Moon/Rising Signs?

Pisces Sun, Aries Rising, Gemini Moon aka I'm moody af and also basically just like Rihanna ;)


An ideal lunch as the 5-year-old Lenea:

Top Ramen with Hot Dogs in it. I'm grossed out too.

An ideal lunch as present-day Lenea:

I'm going to assume I can really go balls to the wall here so imma say lasagna from Pasta Sisters, a carne asada bowl from Mixto, and the kale salad from Highly Likely. Calories don't count in a questionnaire!

How did your upbringing/place of birth/etc. shape you/your work and present outlook?

As a millennial, being told I can do and be anything allowed me to have little fear around starting and trying new things, and has given me the willingness to grow, evolve, and adapt.

Also, my upbringing taught me how to navigate different worlds. Though I went to a ritzy private school and college those privileges certainly were not afforded to my mother who grew up in South Central LA and even to my siblings. I feel comfortable and welcome wherever I go, and it also required me to adapt and understand the energetics of each situations I was in. This heightened my energetic sensitivity and primed me to be able to understand people's energy as an energy worker.

what’s a book / podcast / song that has meaning to you:

My Gemini moon isn't good at choosing so here's an EXTREMELY EDITED list.

  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle because it was my very first foray into empowering myself.

  • Oprah's Super Soul podcast because...Oprah.

  • The Moth podcast because I think you can learn more about human nature just listening to people's stories than you can when they're actively trying to teach you about life, ya know?

  • Lastly, A Case of You by Joni Mitchell and also by James Blake — the love song of the century IMHO.

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How do you practice self-respect?

Well first, let's discuss what a lack of self-respect actually looks like. For me, I know I'm not respecting myself when I accept less money than I'm worth, choose to consistently spend time with people that don't uplift me, or question my authority about my own life. The energy of a lack of self-respect is wanting to be small, not take up space, exist quietly so as not to disrupt others. This is an energy a lot of wounded children feel so the cure for me is to speak to my inner child. Not in a weird esoteric sense, but like I literally just talk to her. I go, "You know Lenea it's all good. I know xyz said that weird thing once that made you feel like you aren't supposed to have everything you want, but that was about them, not you. What do you want? What do you need? Focus on that."

Why do you think “Wellness” has evolved in such a way that it can be alienating?

I think we’ve confused being “well” with being relaxed, and thus wellness centers and events are often spa-like spaces. For me, being well means being full of life and color and vibrancy.


Also, wellness often caters to and is led by those who are already getting all their needs met [see Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs]. When you have all of your needs met, you are looking for a different type of experience than someone whose foundational needs are less secure. For that person, processing what they are going to in a spa-like space designed to elevate your level of relaxation and enjoyment of life isn’t necessarily a safe or effective way to process what you are going through.

Where are you seeking a teacher or guide?

I have a creative brain full of a million ideas, but with little earth in my chart I need someone to help me navigate the practical implications of making those things a reality... so I’m looking for a business partner on Inner Play who thrives leading budgets and timelines and the nuts and bolts of running a business.

Where in your life can you do less?

I know the intrinsic value of doing less — saying no in order to say yes, focusing on what matters, etc — but I really don't believe in doing less. I'll never do enough in my opinion. I'm in love with life and all it has to offer!!!

Where can you do more?

I can do even more to be a better friend, always. Checking in on people. Following up with them about their trials and triumphs. I'm working on that.

What brings you joy and pleasure?

These days, just about anything! I did an abundance challenge in February and, among many other things, it inspired me to start Inner Play. Ever since I made the choice to be abundant, my days are FILLED with joyful moments – going to craft stores (my ultimate happy place), finding and talking to artists + healers who vend on the site, making things with my hands every AM, sitting in the sun, talking about the plans for our new house with my BF. Life is really beautiful right now.

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by Tyree Harris

by Tyree Harris

How does your work broach the topic of race, inclusivity, and privilege in wellness?

Joy can be harnessed in a way that other things can’t - it doesn’t exclude anyone and often times it’s the simplest things that bring the most joy. Wellness practices centered around joy are inherently inclusive, invite community, and don’t come with a hefty price tag.

How do we make wellness more accessible to more people right now?

Make it fun. It sounds simple because it is! Aside from the fact that making wellness fun makes people actually want to do the inner work required

to grow, it also makes it more accessible. I mean when was the last time you had FUN paying a shit ton for something or ENJOYED not being able to physically access something or were HAPPY feeling like xyz wellness product wasn't inclusive of your culture?! Accessibility is rooted in enjoyment. That's why Inner Play is about harnessing the simple things that make us all feel happy – bright colors, creating with our hands, rediscovering activities from our childhoods, coming together in community, moving our bodies. That's why everything we offer is rooted in joy. If it brings you joy, plain and simple, it's elevating your energy which, in turn, elevates your entire well-being.

What is a nugget of truth you’d like to share?

I want people to understand that they can provide their own joy and that if they focus on elevating their energy through joy then that is more than half the battle.

Try your hardest to carve out a tiny bit of time to find joy everyday, and just keep doing it and keep trying the things you want to try.

You have to change your energy first, and then your circumstances change. I know that when you change your energy you change your life, and seeking joy is the vehicle that will allow you to do that.

So start by having fun.

Contributed by Leah Schiros 〰️ @leahmarieschiros