What You're Missing On Your Spiritual Path — A Healthy Relationship to Money


What if I were to tell you that that traveling to the devotional Ashrams in India and the sacred jungles of Peru (though compelling quests) are not the only ways to interact with some of the planet’s most potent medicines?

What if I told you that rigorous meditation, the tireless search for the next elusive “block,” the insatiable hunger for the next reading, and your upcoming appointment with “that magical healer” who you just know is going to fix you, are not the only ways to face, see, understand, and remember yourself...

What if I were to share with you, dear one, that daily you are already creating, carrying, and interacting with one the most profound teachers and pervasive spirits on the planet today ... that one of the most transformative medicinal experiences was always at your very fingertips?

What could I possibly be referring to?!?


I’m talking about money.

That’s right — “the root of all evil” or perhaps, “just neutral energy?”

Money isn’t bad

I’d like to introduce you to a life-changing concept and practice currently being stewarded by an underground network of initiates (magicians, witches, wizards, priestesses, and medicine men and women) called Money Medicine.

My name is Pilar Marie Lesko, and I am a Money Priestess.

My entire life, money has been initiating me. Though it took me almost 25 years to acknowledge this and to begin consciously interacting with these initiations — money has consistently and relentlessly invited me into deeper levels of my own consciousness, force me to come face-to-face with some of my most terrifying fragments, distortions, and shadows — and, beckoned me to work with and share about her as a medicinal experience.

I am no stranger to medicinal experiences — I’ve ingested my fair share of plants, been militantly committed to shadow excavation, and radically thrown myself into a multitude of questionable Spirit-led experiences that forced me to relinquish every identity, pattern, and piece of conditioning that kept me safe and small.

However, since committing to consciously interacting with money as a medicine, I have been given a chance to face off with pieces of myself that only something as pervasive and potent as money could excavate. I have also entered into a new dimension of ceremonial play (that’s right, play) with something that the majority of the planet can barely bring themselves to discuss.

We have complicated relationships with money

Money; we all need it. We cannot be modern humans without interacting with it. Yet, when deciding to work with cash in a conscious and dare I say, spiritual way — one very quickly realizes that money is nothing more than a sacred doorway. It’s all about money, and it also has nothing to do with money. Money effectively drops us down the rabbit hole into aspects of ourselves that money was perhaps always hoping to initiate us into. Money — the metaphorical seed of creation — will shine a light on our relationship to our root chakra, sex, intimacy, Father and Mother wounding, and most importantly — our widely distorted connection to the Masculine and the Feminine. (Money wounding is often directly correlated to God-wounding.)

Gain insight and knowledge in our virtual workshop

This Holisticism virtual workshop is going to be a peek behind the curtain into Money as intelligence, a Spirit, a medicine — and how it has been initiating you and beckoning you to face it, quite possibly for lifetimes.

We will deepen into some of the inaugural facets of Money Medicine, and we will also leave space for Spirit and the Spirit of Money to come through and steer us in the direction of the highest benefit for all attendees.

Time to heal, and get rich

I’m honored to be your guide into the multi-dimensional old-growth forest that is Money Medicine.

I commend you for saying yes to that part of you who feels on a soul level the truth pulsing in Money Medicine. Money is happy you are choosing to be here, trust me.

money as medicine:
healing your money blueprint

Money As Medicine: Healing Your Money Blueprint
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Money As Medicine: Healing Your Money Blueprint

For so many spiritual, "tapped in," and intuitive people, the tangible form of money is difficult for us to overcome. As a result, we feel scared of money, lacking money, guilty around money, or like we're constantly chasing money. Worst of all, we can feel like we're controlled by money — and in order to get it, we need to sacrifice the things that mean the most to us.

OK, time to erase this old narrative. In fact, It's our job — nay, our responsibility — as aware people to re-write our relationship and history with money.

Join us for a virtual workshop, lead by astrologer, healer, and Human Design reader Pilar Lesko, where we'll unpack money and spirituality, and how they're intrinsically linked. Learn why loving money is one of the greatest gifts we can give to the planet today — and how exploring Money and Self-Worth is akin to diving deep down the sacred rabbit hole of the subconscious.

TLDR, here's what to expect:

  • A multidimensional window into money and your current relationship to it.

  • Why working with money as a medicine is so beneficial.

  • How important it is for spiritually inclined (*woke*) people to rewrite their relationship to money.

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Contributed by Pilar Lesko 〰️ @pilarlesko