Distance Healing Helped Shrink My Brain Tumor — Here's How


At first, I was a bit skeptical.

‘Are you free right now?’ my girlfriend texted. ‘A healer named Mandana is going to call you and heal your brain tumor.’

Meeting Mandana

After two years of healers, surgery, pills, chemotherapy, radiation, IVs, therapy, and tons of sleep, I’m pretty open to anything to continue healing my brain and overall health.

My skepticism quickly faded as I began speaking to Mandana about her work and abilities to support the curing of disease in those who she works with. I’ve always been open to working with energy to heal and am excited when allowed to connect with someone who can support healing with their energetic power. She told me about how she cured her mother’s brain cancer: ‘I couldn’t stop [sending energy to my mother] until 6 in the morning and then at 6 a.m. they took her to the MRI room. They took an MRI and then after that for the next several hours all the doctors gathered... trying to figure out where the tumor was, and they couldn’t find it anymore.’

I was sold. ‘Let’s get started,’ I said to her.

How Mandana’s Energy Healing Works

Mandana went on to tell me about how healing happens quickly when the brain is in theta, almost asleep or in a meditative state. She began by scanning my body for disease and immediately picked up on the tumor in my brain (she also suggested I cleanse my liver). I started to feel my head tingle as I sat down and went into a meditative state, and Mandana began sending healing energy to my brain.

Over the course the following weeks leading up to my next MRI, we connected about twice a week. After a few sessions, I started to notice my foot and leg regaining strength, the neuro-pathways that were damaged from the tumor were beginning to grow back, and I could flex my toes more than ever. During our sessions, Mandana would ask me to use affirmations to release the tumor and other negative energy and emotions from my system. I could feel her energy affecting my body over the phone when we’d work together. She helped me identify negative beliefs and thought patterns that may have been causing disease or slowing my healing process. We would ‘cancel’ these limiting beliefs and bring in new energy to release old stuff that no longer served me.

In one of our sessions, I mentioned to Mandana that I was a love activist, and we began speaking about how we defined love. I asked if she’d be open to speaking on my podcast ‘Love Extremist Radio’ about her work and how she defines love and helps heal people of disease. We agreed to meet at her apartment for an interview and in-person session. I found her work to be equally powerful in person and was grateful for the wisdom she shared about love, her healing work, and her personal story during our interview.

It Worked For Me

My MRI took place last week, and while I haven’t gotten the full report back, I saw the good news that any problem areas were much smaller than they were back in January when I was last scanned. I am confident the short time I had been working with Mandana paid off and could feel the growing strength in my leg as a testament to her powerful work.

How to Get The Most Out of a Session With Mandana

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Here are a few things that I’ve learned in working with Mandana that I believe helped me make so much progress in my healing.

Be in Full Belief

During our first conversation, Mandana specified that I had to agree to heal and work with her to accept her energy. To do this, I had to believe in Mandana’s power and ability to heal before I could heal with her. I had to both want to improve and accept her energy as a positive force for eradicating any cancer cells that remained in my body. I find this is true with all modalities of healing, Western, Eastern or otherwise, if I don’t believe in them, their effectiveness will be lessened. With belief, energy can flow, and my mind is not an obstacle to overcome.

Accept the Power of Affirmation

Mandana gave me several compelling visualizations and affirmations to repeat while she was sending energy to my brain. Part of working with her was truly embracing these affirmations as my truth, agreeing in their power as part of the healing. As I told myself I was done with the tumor, it could leave my body as I would continue to learn the lessons it had for me without the cancer sticking around I felt emboldened to live by that reality. I had learned so much and would continue to learn from my experience for the rest of my life.

Create Physical and Temporal Space For Healing

During almost every call, I would sit alone in my living room and often lie down for at least 30 minutes after the session to absorb the energy and remain in a theta healing state. These ‘half naps’ were super helpful in helping me integrate what I was feeling into my entire body and all my cells and maintain some of the beautiful, healing visualizations Mandana shared with me. Whenever doing distance healing, I recommend making a space where you can focus one hundred percent of your attention on the healing to get the most from it and also not be distracted by outside influences during and after the experience.


I’m so grateful to Mandana for working with me and making a significant impact on my healing journey. I hope you get a chance to work with her and experience how powerful her methodologies are.

Contributed by Ethan Lipsitz 〰️ @ethanlipsitz