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5 Ways to Start Spiritual Healing That Are Absolutely Free

Keeping up with the trends and protocols can become a full-time job ... and require a full paycheck. When the answers to your health, wealth, and love issues seem just a few too many  $299 manifestation courses away or when you’ve been to so many new moon, full moon, and half moon circles that you’ve become completely dizzy and lost your orientation on this planet, the answer, my sister, lies not in whatever your favorite Instagram influencer is sharing.

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Lenea Sims: Self-Care, But Make It Fun

Lenea Sims is an energy worker akin to a paint spinner — an ecstatic splash of color in the often neutral toned world of wellness. As a practitioner, rather than working individually she facilitates energetic healing through the products she creates and curates on her platform, Inner Play, where everything reinforces the belief that “the key to good inner work is having fun while you do it.”

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