How to Boost Your Ability to Channel Messages


Downloads. Messages. Pings.

If someone told you that they didn't want extraordinary omniscient psychic messages bestowed on them on the regular, they'd be a liar.

A liar, I tell you!

We all want to feel special. But even more than that, we want to feel secure and stable in the million micro-decisions we make all day long. We want to know that the hard decision we made was the right one. That the business idea we're working on is going to succeed. That our last Hinge date liked us back.

We want to hope that some deep part of us actually does know the answer and that we make the right choice — even if we don't know it in our conscious mind. We're so scared to live in a world where we could make a bad or wrong decision.

That's why people remain fascinated with psychics and understanding their own intuition.

On some level, we know that we always have the answers that we need. There's some aspect, though, that prevents us from being able to access that information especially in the times when we need it the most.

Understanding Intuition and Channeling

We've talked about intuition before. Like, a million times before. The schpiel?

  • Everyone has innate intuition

  • Everyone has clairvoyant capabilities

  • Your intuition is like a muscle, it needs exercise to get stronger

Intuition can feel like a quiet voice in a crowded room, or like a light hand on your shoulder guiding you through a frenzied market.

It can be subtle. It can also be forceful.

That's where channeling comes in. Channeling is actively connecting to your intuition to receive messages, instructions, and knowledge.

Contrary to popular belief — or what spiritual gurus influencers on Instagram might tell — you everyone can channel. Everyone has the ability to do it. Don't let anyone tell anyone make you feel small about that. Some people are better at it than others because remember, intuition is like a muscle. The more time you spend channeling the better you'll get.

We all have different access points to our intuition (re: our clairvoyance). As a result, we also channel information from our subconscious mind and the Universal consciousness in different ways. If you didn't know before, now you do know — you can channel. And I need you to believe that you can channel, and you can channel whenever you want.

It's a gift that you can have access to whenever you please which is really cool. If you're skeptical, it might be a little bit harder for you. If you are a little bit more pliant in your beliefs, then it might feel easier.

There are two different ways that we can generally channel messages: unassisted and assisted.

Unassisted Channeling

Flow state is a term that gets used quite often in the super-intellectual world. Biohackers = obsessed with Flow state.

We've all felt Flow State before. It's characterized by deep concentration and makes you feel like you're moving in a no time zone. In this space, you're able to access information or knowledge or ideas that you didn't know you had access to. It feels like that information descends effortlessly. Silicon Valley has done it's best to hack Flow State using expensive nootropics and meditation techniques and crazy ice baths.

But really, Flow State is a form of channeling.

Anything that puts you in Flow state — that space where things kind of seem to pop into your brain without trying too hard — is unassisted channeling.

Actions that drop us into Flow State tend to be methodical and repetitive. They need deep focus and attention on one idea or concept or thing for a long period of time. We can equate Flow State with meditation because that's what meditation is, right? Meditation is focusing on one thing, or lack thereof, with all your consciousness. Flow State and meditation also have a lot in common with hypnosis. Again, hypnosis is a deep, targeted focus on one idea for an extended period of time.

Flow state, meditation, and hypnosis show us there are multiple ways to sort of bypass our conscious mind and tap into our subconscious mind.


Unassisted channeling requires getting into that zone. One where your conscious mind is taking a back seat and your unconscious is able to step forward. Unassisted channeling can look really different depending on what feels meditative to you. For many people, regular ol' meditation — sitting in silence focusing on stillness — is the best way to channel messages.

Automatic writing

There's also automatic writing, which consists of putting pen to paper and allowing yourself to write whatever comes out. You have to allow yourself to write without judgment or second thought (and honestly, without paying much attention to grammar spelling). It's really shocking what comes up when we do automatic writing that we didn't even know existed in our brains. You may get some great messages, and maybe a few throwaways, but that's certainly considered a form of channeled writing.

Dancing and Singing

More basic forms of channeling like dancing or singing don't always deliver messages to us, but can definitely make us feel like we're tapping into a higher consciousness. I'm sure you've been in a space before maybe when you were singing in a group or when you or when you were dancing in a class where movement came out of you and you were able to improvise without thinking.

You just responded to what your body wanted to do — or, you were taking direction from your highest self and intuition.


And then finally there's speaking, which is pretty easy to do.

Unassisted channeling when you're speaking means that when you open your mouth to talk, you sort of let yourself ramble. A message may come out that you have no control over, and it seems infinitely wiser than anything you'd consciously say. A sign that you're channeling, period, is that it's difficult to recall what you said or the message your wrote down or thought of later.

Many people channel in this way, and an easy way to remember the incredible message you've spit out is to record yourself speaking in a voice memo. Give yourself five minutes a day to just talk and see where that conversation with yourself goes. Do it without overthinking or being in judgment of it. Just let your words take the lead.

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Assisted Channeling

Sometimes we need a little boost of help to tap into our own channeling abilities. Using some sort of help, whether that's energy or physical materials or even substances, can help you get into a space where your conscious mind is in the backseat.


Tarot is an assisted channeling method.

Oftentimes Tarot card readers will pull a bunch of cards and then be able to begin to intuit messages beyond what the cards show.

The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are another really great way for anyone to channel with a little help. The Akashic records are really different than using Tarot, and unlike any other process that I know of. They're extremely special — and anyone can access them using the Pathway Process prayer.

Energy Healing

Breath work or Reiki energy healing open up our ability to channel. The next time you go to a breathwork class, you'll notice that information drops in as you're doing the breathwork. It's very normal and common.

The same thing happens with Reiki. Whether you're the one performing Reiki energy healing on someone or you're getting Reiki energy healing you'll notice images, words, thoughts, and ideas come into your mind. Those are not coincidental. They have a purpose and meaning. You know, we see over 100,000 images a day. Multiply that number by every day you've been alive and you've got ... a lot of images.

Meaning your brain has a lot of material to choose from when a thought or image pops into your head. So whether it's your subconscious mind showing you a picture, or a message you're channeling from some outside intelligence, there's some significance to what's coming up. Your subconscious (or something else) wants to communicate with you.

Plant Medicine

And then finally there are substances that you can imbibe in that will help you Channel. There's plenty of plant medicine available to everyone from herbs that you can use in your kitchen to more intense spiritual experiences like Ayahuasca that need a guide. These plants are a powerful way to connect with the earth and channel messages from the plant allies.


Anyone can channel — it's just a matter of figuring out the method that works best for you. I'm curious: How do you think that you channel? Hit me up in the comments below!